Susanna Griso cuts off Gema López and comes out in defense of Ana Obregón after the latest criticism: “It makes me angry”

Ana Obregon This Tuesday, October 17, he attended the solidarity gala that was held in Madrid to support cancer research. There, the actress, presenter and biologist coincided with other well-known faces such as Terelu Campos, Little one, Eugenia Martínez de Irujo, Victoria Federica o Eva Gonzalez. “Thank you for supporting this event, anything to fight cancer is not enough, so thank you for being here. It is the first day I have gone out in six months, since my daughter was born, but I wanted to be here,” he said.

On the set of Susanna Griso Antena 3 highlighted his words this Tuesday. “Yesterday he went to an event and we didn’t like what he said; he mentioned her daughter three times and the sacrifice involved in separating from her after 6 months,” he said. Gema Lopez. “Six months to go back to work… So, those of us who took three weeks to join must be super bad mothers and we don’t suffer…”, she lamented.

The debate has gotten heated on the set and Griso has given his particular opinion on the matter, putting himself in Obregón’s place: “There is one thing that always makes me angry, which is that people question other people’s grief and maternity leave. Because, hey, it is just as legal for you to stay for three weeks as it is for three months or for you to ask for six because you want to enjoy your children and everything would be welcome.”

Gema, however, has continued to defend her position and, in addition, has stressed that this is not the first time that the protagonist of Ana and the 7 leaves the house at this time: “I wish everyone could ask for a year, I wish all women could afford that. Not everyone can and not in all cases it is possible. I think he has overused the issue of the girl and, above all, she has lied. This woman has worked and with every right, because we have seen her participate in different programs on another network.

Alonso Caparrosfor her part, has followed López’s line: “What bothers me today is that the daughter is always present in front of me. I think it’s time to live life without the girl being in front of me all the time.”

The little one Ana Sandra Lequio Obregón She was born on March 20 through surrogacy in Miami, where this method is legal. According to Ana, she used the semen of her son who died more than three years ago to fulfill her last wish. Throughout these months, the actress has been criticized for the practice she used to bring the girl into the world, for her age to become a mother-grandmother (68) and for the public exposure she has made of the little girl in magazines. and social networks. At this Tuesday’s event, she confirmed that the girl’s baptism will take place in December.