Susana Rodríguez, chosen to be one of the ‘Barbies’ who recognize 9 athletes who have broken barriers


‘Mattel’ announced this Wednesday the launch of nine exclusive ‘Barbie’ dolls with which it will pay tribute to nine athletes from around the world, including the visually impaired Spanish triathlete Susana Rodríguez, current Paralympic champion.

The Galician thus breaks a new barrier and becomes one of the protagonists that ‘Mattel’ has chosen on the occasion of the celebration of the 65th anniversary of ‘Barbie’ to design an exclusive doll made in her likeness and with whom she is loved. celebrate the barriers they have broken for women in their respective fields.” “By recognizing athletes who have broken barriers for women in sports, ‘Barbie’ hopes to help amplify the voices of female athletes to commemorate their achievements on and off the field,” the company said.

“I hope that girls, when they see me and my doll ‘Barbie’ together, see in it an example of someone who, despite having certain difficulties, through work, effort and, above all, self-confidence, can achieve many of those things.” goals that at first may seem difficult to achieve,” said Susana Rodríguez.

In addition to the woman from Vigo, who last April made history in Spanish sports by being the first person, man or woman, with a disability to collect the Queen Letizia Prize awarded to the best athlete of 2022 during the National Sports Awards, the Others chosen are the American tennis player Venus Williams, the soccer players Christine Sinclair (Canada) and Mary Fowler (England), the French boxer Estelle Mossely, the gymnasts Alexa Moreno (Mexico) and Rebecca Andrade (Brazil), the Italian swimmer Federica Pellegrini and the Polish athlete Ewa Swoboda.

According to ‘Mattel’ in a press release, ‘Barbie’ wanted to include nine “inspiring stories that will serve to show girls that anything is possible if you fight for it.” “Through initiatives like the ‘Barbie Dream Gap’ Project, ‘Barbie’ is committed to leveling the playing field for girls around the world, in sports and beyond, to close the gap between girls and its full potential,” he said.

“Barbie is thrilled to continue the celebration of its 65th anniversary by recognizing the impact of sports in fostering self-confidence, ambition and empowerment among the next generation,” said Krista Berger, Senior Vice President of Barbie and Global Head. of Dolls, Mattel.

For the board, after adding former American skater Kristi Yamaguchi to their line of ‘Barbie Inspiring Women’ last month, they are now “proud to continue driving the momentum around women in sports” by betting on these nine athletes as their “new references”.

“Dolls made in their image serve as a demonstration of our shared values ​​of passion, empowerment and individuality. By highlighting these inspiring athletes and their stories, we hope to uphold the belief that every girl deserves the opportunity to pursue her dreams and make them a reality,” he added.

The Barbie brand remains committed to empowering girls to pursue their interest in sports, encouraging their continued belief in their limitless possibilities by: