Susana Molina opens up about her weight gain and illness: “I feel more confident than ever”

Susana Molina He spoke this Thursday on his social networks about the physical change he has experienced due to his intestinal problems. The influencer suffers from IMO, a disease that causes her small intestine to increase in size, causing her belly to swell.

The 33-year-old has explained that she now wears one size larger in clothing, which she doesn’t mind at all. “I hate everything. I’m sorry for the word, because she is very vulgar,” she said, ensuring that she feels “more beautiful and confident than ever.”

Molina has been treating IMO for some time, which causes discomfort and swelling. However, he accepts that his body is not the same as it was a while ago. He doesn’t even retouch his photos to hide the parts he doesn’t like so much.

“We are doing the Vive App anniversary and there is a photo that looks like I am pregnant because it was at a party that I had been drinking and, with the topic of SIBO, well, my belly is swollen,” she explained in this regard.

“Yesterday they passed it and people from the team said: ‘Let’s see, this photo isn’t because you can see Susana’s belly that looks like she’s pregnant.’ And I said: ‘I don’t care. Use it for the poster.’ “She doesn’t matter to me exactly,” she said.

The young woman spoke last September about this ailment: “They are doing many tests on me and I can’t eat many foods, so my mother gave me a recipe to make a kind of bread that only contains eggs and tuna.” Since then, she remains involved in improving her health, which, after also being diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, has gone through some ups and downs.