‘Survivors 2024’ turns a blind eye to Ángel Cristo Jr: Bárbara Rey’s son will give his explanations despite his disciplinary expulsion

The participation of Angel Cristo Jr in Survivors 2024 keeps raising blisters. After jumping the security perimeter and being immediately expelled by the organization of the contest, Bárbara Rey’s son arrived in Madrid with a haughty and defiant attitude. Despite his behavior, Ana Herminia’s boyfriend will sit on set this Sunday to explain himself, something that did not happen with him. Aranxa del Sol when he admitted that he had slapped Ángel Cristo off camera.

In the Mediaset press release in which it advances the contents of this Sunday, the Fuencarral network indicates that Sandra Barneda will connect with the former contestant during the gala. “Sandra Barneda connects live with Ángel Cristo Jr. in ‘Survivors: Honduras Connection’, recently landed in Spain after her disciplinary expulsion“says the statement.

After this press release, everything indicates that Sofía Cristo’s brother will not be on set but rather they will connect with him live from some other point. Without a doubt, an opportunity that the program offers Ángel Cristo Jr to calm the waters or add more fuel to the fire.

Joaquín Prat He already announced that the former star’s son would sit on the set of Survivors to give explanations about his time in the contest. “He arrives in the company of his colleagues from the production company, he arrives with headphones so that they do not give him information from outside and this implies that he is going to sit down and give explanations.“, he stated in We’ll see.

Ángel Cristo Jr’s sexist speech

Ángel Cristo Jr gave a sexist speech in the middle of an argument with Aurah. “Just like you respected me by calling me unbalanced. You are a disgraceful, mentally destitute, riff-raff, trash… That’s the only thing you women know how to do, step on men.”“, stated Bárbara Rey’s son.