Surprising statements by Susanna Griso about her new boyfriend: “I will not do it again”

The Antena 3 presenter attended the Talent Awards ceremony this Monday. Dressed in a brilli-brilli outfit with cargo pants (a trend this season), Susanna Griso has attended the press and has spoken, for the first time, about her new boyfriend, the businessman Íñigo Afan: “Everything is going very well, perfectly.”

This time I didn’t accompany her. Yes, she did on October 28, when the journalist collected the Manuel Alonso Vicedo Communication Award. Then he named him during his speech: “Repeated names are very dangerous. It happened to me with my boy, who is here. He has the same name as an uncle of his and when we started dating, they suddenly said that I was leaving.” with a married man, with three children and a settled life. But, I was dating his nephew, who was also married and has children. It was something widely talked about until they realized,” she said while her boyfriend recorded her. Some spontaneous words that she now regrets: “Talking about him was a mistake. As the king said, I will not do it again”he said between laughs. “The first and the last”.

Also asked about the scandal Count-Pumpidowho was a collaborator of Public mirrordid not want to go into details but has launched a tremendous dart: “I have not been able to speak with him but he will be overwhelmed at the moment. We will have to see what path this demand has, but now that there is an Amnesty Law going through the Constitutional Court, I do not want to to think that there is some interest behind it… The coincidence is, to say the least, curious.”

Finally, she has ‘snitched’ on the gossip that her friend has told her Maria Zurita (niece of Don Juan Carlos) about him bourbon conclave: “He told me that the dinner was great, that there were a hundred guests and a very good atmosphere. It was very endearing for them to get together and bring together so many generations, because it is not easy for them.”