Summit by Isak in Donostia

Nobody is aware that the evolution of Alexander
Isak is unstoppable. And what was evident is happening: that the performance of the Swedish striker is generating the interest of other teams on the continent who see in the realistic '19' a reality of the present and a cyclone of the future at 21 years of age. The agents of the Swede of Eritrean origin, accompanied by their great friend Pedja
Mijatovic, They have been in Donostia these days to talk with the forward and to meet with Real and find out what their future plans are. MD contrasted with the parties the news advanced by Radio Marca. As this newspaper learned, it is not the first time they come to Gipuzkoa to be close to their young pearl.

Calm in Anoeta

At Real they are calm with the situation, despite the fact that Borussia Dortmund, their team of origin, can take it in summer for 30 million euros. For the other teams in the world, the cost of the player is the 70 million euros that appear in his termination clause. Dortmund would come for the striker in the case of selling to Erling
Haaland, the most sought-after forward in the world together with Mbappe, this coming summer. However, the footballer has to give his approval to the operation and in the noble floor of Anoeta they trust that he decides to continue wearing txuri urdin even if the German club comes for him with the 30 million. They are willing to propose an improvement in his contract that ends in 2024 to shore up his will, although the striker already feels comfortable, full and now champion in Donostia. It is what they did with Willian
Joseph on more than one occasion when siren songs began to reach him and in view of his progress in the Real.

Uncertainty with the future

In any case, it is impossible to know where the second consecutive summer in a pandemic will take place. Next month, the clubs will close their first full season with no fans in the stands and the consequent loss of revenue. Uncertainty presides over all teams, including Real. Isak he has scored 13 goals in 36 official games this season for a total of 29 in 81 games dressed as txuri urdin, in which he has also given five assists