Summer starts with Paloma Segrelles’ VIP party

The ex-wife of Emilio Álvarez (heir to the Eulen empire) opened the doors of her house this Thursday to celebrate the arrival of summer. A party that is already an annual classic and where a multitude of friends come to share the evening. The power of the Eulen family to attract people is a real pleasure. Paloma Segrelles It is on another level: from politicians, bullfighters and businessmen to television personalities. No one wanted to miss an event full of good food, good music and lots and lots of laughs.

Emma Garcia y Ainhoa ​​Arteta They were among the first to arrive. The presenter opted for a white polka dot dress with a very Andalusian halter neck, while the soprano chose a cut-out model with a floral print.

Very elegant and ‘satin’ they looked Begoña Garcia Vaquerowith bare shoulders and accompanied by her husband, Peter Ragy Nuria Gonzalez, with a strapless blouse and dropped sleeves matching tailored pants. The former model, who was widowed last October following the death of Fernando Fernández Tapias, has taken refuge in her friends and her two children (Iván and Alma) to overcome this complicated moment and is beginning to regain her smile.

In white we have also seen Maria Zurita, with an impeccable suit and floral print top. King Felipe’s cousin, who left the party with the journalist Eduardo Indahad nose surgery last April and is still in the process of recovery.

The television Paz Padilla y Vanessa Romero They brought charm and sympathy to the evening, as did the businessman Jose Luis Lopez ‘The Turronero’that doesn’t miss a single one.

Couldn’t miss a Martinez de IrujoOn this occasion, Fernando was in charge of representing the family and was accompanied by his ‘sister-in-law’ Barbara MirjanCayetano’s girlfriend, in a little black dress and wedge sandals, a must for the season.

The marriage formed by Iván Espinosa de los Monteros y Rocío Monasterywearing a very youthful dress from the Spanish brand Noon, also joined the party, as well as Carla Royo Villanova and her husband, Kubrat de Bulgariao Blanca Suelves with the architect Joaquin Guell