Summary and goals of Almería 0 (5) – Osasuna 0 (4); Copa del Rey

Almería certifies its pass to the quarterfinals of the Copa del Rey after going back to Osasuna in an agonizing penalty shootout! The pass was put in front of the Arrasate team in the throws as José Corpas missed in the second attempt of the Almeria. However, Fernando Martínez had not said the last word: the Murcian stopped the fourth pitch to Manu Sánchez and the shootout came sudden death. David García, who had already tested the goalkeeper with two header shots during the game, shot dry to his left but the goalkeeper put on the Superman cape, flew away and he put out a prodigious hand avoiding the goal. After that, Joao Carvalho was right in the sixth, certifying a round pass that could not be decided in the 120 minutes played previously.

During the duel, Osasuna showed great strength in defense, joining the lines a lot and populating the media area. So much so that Almería had the clearest in the last minute of extra time with a shot from Sadiq that Juan Pérez took point-blank. Those from Pamplona had two clear shots on David García's head but Fernando's reflections prevented the goal. Already in the extension Calleri tried it twice, including as a Chilean, but two shots were brushing the square. The negative note was left Roncaglia and Lucas Torró, who left the field with discomfort.