Summary 2023: The year of Sonsoles Ónega: she wins in the afternoons, takes the Planet and gets a boyfriend (as Informalia announced)

intense year for Onega sleeps, who has lived a very full twelve months. The presenter has fallen in love again (Informalia announced it for the first time) and has also smiled from his afternoon program on Antena 3, battling every afternoon against Ana Rosa Quintana, the one who was his boss. In addition, she has received an important literary recognition: the Planeta Prize (for which she has also suffered some displeasure due to the fierce criticism received).

As for his new love, Informalia He announced it in September by revealing his getaway to Brazil with an attractive companion. Is about Juan, a 52-year-old financier, whom Sonsoles does not talk about because she is very discreet with her private life. In August they took a flight to Brazil and visited together the most emblematic places in Rio de Janeiro: Ipanema, Favelas de Vidigal, Cristo del Cocovado, Sugar Loaf. They both spent their first vacation as couples.

Furthermore, in Brazil, they enjoyed the anonymity that is not easy to preserve in Spain for a television star, and there they relaxed, oblivious to prying eyes, and were able to live their love more freely: walking together hand in hand, hugging each other in the open. street or kissing in public. “She is very excited, like a teenager,” a person very close to Sonsoles told us who then shared the secret with us. In recent months, paparazzi have photographed them around Madrid.

The presenter was married to the lawyer for eleven years Carlos Pardowith whom he has the two great loves of his life, his children, Avoid y Gonzaloto whom this summer he also gave his time and a trip just the three of them to the other side of the pond.

After their separation in 2019, Sonsoles spent a long time alone, healing from the breakup, but at the beginning of 2021 her heart started beating again. It was because of the architect Cesar Vidalfriend of Alessandro Lequio y Maria Palacios and architect of the reform that Ana Obregon took place in her house in La Moraleja to adapt her to the new life with her granddaughter-granddaughter. They broke up at the end of 2022, as Informalia also advanced in scoop.