Summary 2023: The wedding of Tamara Falcó and Íñigo Onieva, the great social event of the year

Few were betting on a reconciliation of Tamara Falco e Inigo Onieva due to the video of the Madrid businessman kissing another woman at the famous Burning Man festival in Nevada. The Marchioness of Griñón was very forceful with him after breaking the engagement but she finally forgave him in a reconciliation that was consummated at the beginning of 2023. The wedding arrived on July 8, becoming the great social event of the year.

Íñigo played all his cards to achieve Tamara's forgiveness, so much so that he swallowed the whole Christmas Eve Midnight Mass for her. Tamara is won over by religion and he knew it well. Weeks before, at the end of November last year, they also shared a night meeting that lasted for hours, and in which they began to lay the foundations for the second chance that they finally gave each other. Nothing came between them, not even the approach of Carlos Falcó's daughter to Hugo Arevaloa friend of the two, who became their tearjerker after their breakup with the businessman.

The reconciliation of Tamara and Íñigo, however, did not become official until after midnight on December 31, when after eating the twelve grapes, Íñigo showed up at Isabel Preysler's house to spend the first minutes of the new year together. to his girlfriend and his family. Of course, the queen of hearts was not present since she headed to Miami to say goodbye to the year. With all the cards on the table, the commitment resumed and a trip for lovers to the North Pole, they returned to the fray with the preparations for the wedding, which was initially going to be celebrated on June 17, although it ended up being delayed July 8 due to pregnancy Isabelle Junotone of Tami's best friends and wife of Álvaro Falcó.

A stone path

Just two months before the wedding, those responsible for Sophie et Voilà, the Bilbao firm that was going to design her dress, exploded and announced that they were breaking professional ties with Tamara. They claimed that Enrique Iglesias' sister wanted to be too inspired by another Haute Couture firm and this did not fit with her professional ethics. Falcó found himself in a bind, but he had no shortage of 'suitors' who wanted to design his dress. All the brands were aware of what it meant to dress the goose that laid the golden eggs on her big day, and finally Carolina Herrera was the one chosen. Then came the marchioness's trips to New York to try out her dream dress.

Adding to the anguish over the dress was the theft of some guests' jewelry just a few days before the wedding and another incident that we learned about later: “They told me that The truck that was transporting my wedding shoes from Valencia had exploded65% of the transport was incinerated, and there were mine,” she explained in The Anthill, acknowledging that getting to the big day “was quite an obstacle course.” What she never talked about was the other storm that broke out just a week before the “yes, I do” with the words of the policewoman who said she had had something with Onieva in March of last year. Onieva did give explanations and slipped that it was a past story and even forgiven by her fiancée… And yes, they finally got married…

The big wedding

Finally, and against all odds, everything was ready on July 8 at El Rincón, the farm that Tamara inherited from her father, for the couple to say 'I do'. The wedding was strictly protected due to the million-dollar exclusive that the bride and groom sold to Tami's leading magazine. Tamara's bridal dress finally disappointed on social media and did not get approval. Too traditional, that is, the way she is.

The nightgown she got ready for the wedding didn't make the cut either, although the laced party dress she chose to put the finishing touch to the night was a great success. (Photographs: @tamara_falco Instagram).

Among the 400 guests were Tamara's colleagues in The Anthill. Everyone was left with their mouths open when the priest's cassock began to burn before saying “I do”, starring in one of the great anecdotes of the night. “My mother in law [Carolina Molas] sent my sister-in-law [Alejandra Onieva]to turn it off,” Tamara confessed with a laugh.

A day before, the pre-wedding was also held at the Ritz and it ended with a movie kiss between the bride and groom at the doors of the hotel. On Sunday, while still hungover, they also had a brunch with their closest family and friends.

The honeymoon… and the holidays

Then came the newlyweds' honeymoon as husband and wife in South Africa, which was marred by the sudden death of Marta Chávarri, Álvaro Falcó's mother, on July 21. Tamara did not postpone her honeymoon to be with her cousin, although she gave her all her support from a distance. She was with him at the mass celebrated in October in memory of her.

After returning from their honeymoon they went on vacation, since Tamara already explained that a honeymoon is one thing and a vacation is another. In places like Paris, Rome, Ibiza or Sotogrande they have called the stork, which for the moment is taking its toll. In November they were also traveling to the Amalfi Coast. All while the renovations of the attic that the daughter of the Queen of Hearts bought off plan in 2020 came to an end.

In the final stretch of the year, the daughter of the Queen of Hearts surprised with a fabulous report from the Puerta de Hierro home. It must be remembered that shortly before she criticized her, leading a confrontation with the famous architect, Joaquín Torres, and not leaving in a good place the real estate developer that she had previously promoted so much.