Success with ‘De Viernes’ on Telecinco: goodbye to ‘family television’, hello to the effective morbidity of yesteryear

The new Telecinco of Alessandro Salem has thrown itself into the arms of a reset of Pink sauce which, in its first installment, has worked very well in terms of audience. After a failed and short-lived attempt with The last night, produced by Cuarzo and presented by Sandra BarnedaMediaset returns to the path of the disappeared Deluxe and returns the heart to Friday prime time in the tradition of formats dedicated to social chronicle with interviews, exclusives and gatherings, on this occasion, presented by Santi Acosta y Beatriz Archidona and produced by Mandarina.

The entire network has been dedicated to promoting the premiere for weeks, focusing on many of its programs with the contents of Friday to the point of heating up the recorded interview with Barbara Rey’s son and its surprising headlines in all the group’s magazines, in addition to paying for outdoor advertising campaigns in various media.

The result has been very satisfactory if we take into account that Santi Acosta y Beatriz Archidona They garnered a spectacular 14% audience share compared to The voice of antenna 3, which remains unassailable as champion with 16.5%. The big loser of the night was The 1, which moves to sixth place below Antena 3, Telecinco, the Cuatro cinema and the Research team of La Sexta.

Telecinco works again but not with that white twist that they sold us but with the pink, black and yellow-tinged content that gave the network so many triumphs in the era of Paolo Vasile, as was evident last night. The main Mediaset España channel regains the public’s favor and manages to face the first live broadcast of the edition of The voice with a solid and powerful substitute for the old Deluxe, Sweet life o Pink sauce, to be more exact. And their power comes from their offers: the first interview (hours of recordings) with the son of Barbara Rey y Angel Christand the presence on set of the Canarian model Joana Sanzwife of former soccer player Dani Alves, for whom the prosecutor is asking for nine years in prison after being accused of raping a 21-year-old girl in a nightclub.

The CEO of the company himself endorsed the past 9/11 in an appearance with a journalist and advertisers that his plan was to reunite the entire family in front of the TV. This Friday, that TV proposed listening to the son of the trainer who died in 2010 and Barbara Rey that his mother put Orfidal in his bottle or a friend of the ex-lover King Juan Carlos that featured He commissioned his own son to photograph the former monarch by putting his hand up her skirt, without underwear, to blackmail the head of state. The ‘family’ offer was completed with Joana Sanz proclaiming her support for Dani Alves, telling how she was in prison with the alleged sexual abuser and how she slit her neck with a dagger she had on the bedside table after suffering attacks of anxiety. And it worked.

The new’ Friday In reality, it offered a very worn-out merchandise, although very effective due to the morbidity it contains: we already knew that Bárbara Rey had blackmailed the emeritus, just as people have been talking and writing for more than a quarter of a century. The novelty, in quotes, was the name of the complainant, Angel Christ junior.

Salem and Borja Prado

The new general director of Mediaset Spain, Alesssandro Salem, took his courage and backed away from his attempt to create a white, family-friendly television with the help of a Salsa Rosa reset that made Deluxe good. But Telecinco needs an audience and it is wise to rectify it.

Santi Acosta I said the day before that they were not going to look like Save mebut Friday (which achieved a magnificent 14% screen share) imitated the forms of the La Fábrica de la Tele program, one of them forming a parallel reality using nostalgia.

The president of Mediaset España knows it well, Borja Prado, sufferer last night from De Viernes who spoke of the blackmail suffered by Juan Carlos de Borbón, since the emeritus so many times used for this type of operations the own father of the president of the media giant, Manolo Prado y Colón de Carvajal, denounced at the time by the Barbara Rey herself.

The 14% share gives oxygen to Producciones Mandarina which, led by Santiago Botello and Pedro Revaldería (old close enemies of the reviled Adrián Madrid and Óscar Cornejo), achieved notable success despite which they could not beat La Voz, which led with a 16.4%.

Change of version of Ángel Cristo junior

The son of the cocaine-addicted tamer and the actress and former royal lover had exonerated the totanera and blamed the father on a thousand and one occasions. Just look at his interviews in Deluxe, El Novato or Lecturas, but last night he changed his version, perhaps pressed by the need for money, by the child support debts.

“The real nightmare was not my father, it was my mother. I have seen my mother spend up to 30,000 euros in one night at the casino. My sister has no idea what happens in that house because she was drugged twenty-four hours,” said.

Angelito said that his mother had put him on Orfidal without a prescription since he was a child and that his sister could not share his suffering because she had been on it since she was thirteen, that’s nothing.

“My house in La Moraleja was a nightmare. There was a lot of fear, terror and blood. Everything came and went in that house: drugs, alcohol, prostitutes. The fear is that they won’t kill your mother. My father got much more out of control. From the moment I got home from school, I took on all the responsibility. It didn’t matter if I had to study or had exams,” he said.

Maybe he was forgetting what he had said 24 months ago: “It’s not true that I called the king Uncle Juan. I’ve never met him, I’ve never seen him in my life. Wow! My mother has always been very protective of all those matters, she has kept us on the sidelines. I can’t talk about that topic, it’s up to her.”

Problems for Ángel Cristo junior

“Sofía had no idea what was happening at home because she spent 24 hours on drugs. She took it from my mother’s room, where there was a lot of cash. That money came from payments that were periodically made to my mother for blackmailing the king of Spain,” said Ángel Cristo junior.

Before his appearance, journalist Pepe del Real shook him from We’ll see: “He has a debt for child support. There is an economic motivation. There is a debt for child support that has not been paid to his daughter’s mother. He is talking about money and for money he would even be able to attribute the responsibility to third parties. paternity of his sister.


Mediaset España’s profits have fallen 9.5% in the first nine months of the year compared to the previous year after the failed white revolution of the new CEO, Alessandro Salem, and the pale autumn due to the failure of Chinese storiesthe disappointments of VIP Big Brother and the modest results of Later, which seems to be recovering ground against Sonsoles Ónega after a difficult start.

Telecinco needed a stimulus and thought it found it in From Friday, who pulled the checkbook as he did in the past Deluxe (who paid Rosa Benito 20,000 euros for an interview) with his different belenazos, and tried to remember the Pink sauce in an updated or modernized version, to raise the discreet data of Hollywood cinema, which since September has not raised its head in the prime time of Fridays.

The child of Ángel Cristo and Bárbara Rey told the not very new story that says that his mother has problems with gambling, previously published between a thousand and a million times. “I have seen her spend a lot of money at the casino: from 100 to 30,000 euros in one night,” she explained. It won’t be TV for the whole family if a son shoots his mother, but the morbidity of a son destroying the person who brought him into the world already worked very well a year ago when La Fábrica de la TV invented several installments of Kiko Rivera calling Isabel Pantoja a “thief” and a “bad mother” in those nights presented under the title of Singer, the poisoned inheritance.

Nor was there much new in the “blackmail” suffered by Juan Carlos de Borbón, who was known to Spain at the end of the 90s of the last century: “My mother received payments for blackmailing the king,” said Bárbara Rey’s son.

The other great offer of the night, the interview on set with the model Joana Sanz, wife of Dani Aves, about to cut herself with a dagger but in love with the former soccer player, It cannot be classified as ‘family television’ either, but it was undoubtedly an effective complement to extend the night to 230 minutes of program, along with the nostalgia section of Parada con Karina, advanced by this digital.

Gray year of premieres

He Deluxe Between January and July 2023, Telecinco promised an 11.5% share that had not yet been equaled on Friday nights, which has accumulated a year of premieres such as GH VIP, ¡Allá tú!, Me Resbala, ¡Vaya vacations! , Life without filters, The last night, or The Musical of your life.