Diego Pablo Simeon attended the media at a press conference minutes after losing 4-2 to Barcelona.

Athletic Shield/Flag

Four shots against, four goals.

It is necessary to value the forcefulness of the rival and try to improve the intensity, the aggressiveness and the concentration. We started winning, controlling positionally, giving spaces to Carrasco and João, we had three situations in the first half, two from Joao and one from Savic. They were forceful. Beyond long possessions and counterattacks, the most forceful wins. In the second half, we were more aggressive and intense, it was 4-2 and the feeling of being able to get in. Barça defended low and orderly and there were fewer occasions

Lateral crosses are almost like a penalty against.

We have been defending extraordinarily for ten years and this is not generating what it usually does. We must improve, a week is coming to insist on this type of action. We lacked luck and attention too.

In the last 12 games, in 9 he conceded two or more…

We haven’t changed many players, except for Trippier, who left. They are playing the same ones that last year responded at a high level. Giménez and Savic have missed several games, but this time they played and put us in four. What counts is to work, try to improve and face the week with humility and push until the end.

Have you felt that Xavi’s Barça has subdued you?


Has rebellion been lacking?

There was in the second half, after 4-1 there is a reaction. More intense, stronger in duels… It’s what we were looking for, just like with Valencia. I’m the one responsible for generating that and I have to look for more options to get this to show up longer.

Do you think that Atleti has lived up to Barça?

I look at the games for scoring situations. In the first half, Barça had four and scored three; Atleti had four and scored one. The forcefulness guarantees everything. If you go 0-1, they would say how good the counterattack and this and that. I go by the occasions. Barça made them concrete. His forcefulness prevailed.

How did you see João?

I have my opinions within. You spend your time giving your opinion. He had two important occasions, two breaks on the outside to hurt. I understood that he had given us everything and then Cunha and Correa gave him another type of game and speed.