Strong decision by Rodolfo Sancho after his visit to Thailand: his son Daniel is left without a lawyer

Sixth week to Daniel Sancho in the Thai prison of Koh Samui. After murdering and dismembering the Colombian surgeon Edwin Arrietathe Spanish chef has received a visit from his mother Silvia Bronchaloas well as that of his father Rodolfo Sancho. After the latter’s stay, the tables have changed in the defense of his son: the Spanish actor has dispensed with the services of the law firm of Fernando Ocain charge of defending Daniel Sancho.

Ramon Chippirasspokesperson for the family, assured the newspaper ABC: “Work has stopped with the office of Don Fernando Ocathanking, as it could not be otherwise, the work done so far by both him and the lawyer Kunh Anan. From now on, work is being done to find a solution for Daniel’s defense in Thailand.”

From the aforementioned media they have also explained that the visit of Marcos García MontesSpanish lawyer of Daniel Sancho, “has dynamited the good relations with Fernando Oca’s law firm because the Spanish lawyer recriminated his Thai counterpart, Kunh Ananthat they had not requested police action.”

Likewise, Rodolfo Sancho has decided to dispense with the services of Oca’s law firm due to the difficulty of translating the documents issued and the conversations. As reported from This is life.

“Rodolfo Sancho went to court and asked for a change of lawyer; he prefers someone who can directly translate conversations from Thai to Spanish,” Telecinco concluded.