Stones and Walker miss Leeds game

Pep Guardiola confirmed the absence of both defenders for Saturday’s match against Leeds United, and warned that they may not arrive in time for next week’s match at the Santiago Bernabéu.

Photo the Walker

Now that Klopp has renewed, will you do it too?

Throughout my career I have had great rivals. I think his renewal is a very good thing for the Premier League. I haven’t talked about my future, I’m too worried in these last three weeks of competition, I don’t have time. I feel like a year is a long time, and I’ve been here six. I am enjoying it. I have an incredible relationship with my club. You know, I’m very happy here, I couldn’t be in a better place. I don’t see myself in a better place than this. The only bad thing is that it’s not very sunny here.

Photo by John Stones

Can Stones and Walker play against Leeds?

Walker is injured. I don’t know if for the rest of the season. He’s injured, unfortunately for all of us but especially for him, but I can’t worry. I have to think about the other players. Stones will be low tomorrow, we’ll see if he makes it to Wednesday.

How complicated will it be to face Leeds before playing against Real Madrid?

It is always difficult to play against Leeds. For their fans, because they need the points. We need them too, we know. The players have trained today with incredible concentration, I think the whole club knows what we are playing for and what they have to do. The last three games we’ve played have been incredible. We scored a lot of goals and created a lot of chances, and that’s what we have to keep doing. Soccer sometimes rewards you and other times you have to accept defeat.

What does Grealish have to do to be a starter?

You can play these Champions League matches. What happens is that Mahrez has been with us in that position for a long time, and in important games he always gives you something unique and special. Foden is decisive and has a lot of motivation and desire. His impact on matches is always huge. Everyone knows how important Sterling is to us, and to me, especially me. I don’t leave players out because they are doing poorly, but I have the feeling that with Foden and Mahrez, the goal is there, close. They create chances and have a nose for goal. That’s why I didn’t make any changes on Palace day, because I had a feeling they could score a goal. Sometimes we need to play differently. Faster, or have more control. Sometimes we need Grealish and sometimes we need Sterling. Most of the time it’s tactical decisions, not because I’m not satisfied or the players are doing poorly.