Stoichkov scores even unintentionally

The last few days have been very emotionally charged for Stoichkov. The striker of San Roque he lost his father a few days ago and had to urgent travel to his land. He couldn’t play against him. Málaga, a club that despised him recently and with whom he wanted to settle accounts. when she was in Alcorcon he shot 15 days waiting for the signature of Abdullah Al Thani, the controversial blue and white president. His teammates at Eibar conspired to dedicate a victory at the Rose Garden. With each goal scored in the 1-3, they took out a shirt with number 19, Juan Diego Molina’s number. “This is football, but the important thing is life, if we have been able to give him a little joy within the sadness of these days, mission accomplished. goal was to dedicate the victory to him and his family and get a joy out of him”, explained Rahmani.

Photo by Stoichkov

The gaditan tipor returned to their routines on the last day. He was on the verge of goal, as usual and accidentally scoredafter a Expósito’s shoe that hit him in the back. Carries 19 so many and leads the top scorers table along with Stuani (from Girona, 5 penalties) and Walking stick (from Oviedo, also 5 from the fateful point). All three saw the door on this day 38.

Shield/Flag Eibar

Juan Diego Molina had several occasions, including a goal disallowed for offside. The gunsmith top scorer wears 62 shots this season, 1.77 per gameeither. With his right leg he has converted 11 goals, with his left foot 6 and one with a header, plus the one from his back. after marking pointed to the sky how dedication to his father. Before starting, a minute of silence was observed by the parent. Zaragoza, who suffered from his scoring appetite, tried to sign him last summer, but could not recruit him.