Step back from Almería, which falls at home to UD Las Palmas

A good approach to UD Las Palmas, who came forward on his second shot on goal and knew how to defend the rent, was enough to achieve victory against him Almeria (0-1) and end a streak of twelve games without a win (so far this year).

The team of Guti he suffered from a convincing plan and barely fired between the three clubs during the 90 minutes of the game. Predictable, he found a rival who knew how to handle, with experience, the times of the duel.

The predictable game of UD Almería and the success of Ruben Castro They were aspects that marked the development of the first part, in which the local team carried the weight of the match and the control of the ball, but without the ability to do damage and without success in the last pass, which did not allow dangerous actions, except in the 11th minute in a goal well annulled to Juan Muñoz for offside by Fran Villalba.

The UD Las Palmas, however, knew how to get performance out of its system, holding back and trying to take advantage of the rival's oversights. The first, in the 14th minute, on a ball for Ruben Castro that the island striker did not succeed, running out of angle, when he stood alone against Fernando.

On the 22nd, he was correct. There was less speed in defense and a nice pass from Benito Ramírez to Rubén Castro It ended with the veteran Canarian player winning the game to the defenders to beat the red and white goal and propose a different scenario to the game.

Almería did not react, which gave wings to the intentions of the approach of Pepe Mel, which kept well in defense, also because Almería was not able to find a way to do damage in attack. Only in the 45th minute did he find it, with a ball centered by Fran Villalba that, on the second attempt, ended in a goal by Juan Muñoz, but the referee canceled it for a possible lack of Sergio Aguza in the recovery.

In the second part, the approach of the island team was maintained before a UD Almería unable to find a way to do damage. Pepe Mel, with the entry of Ruiz de Galarreta for Rubén Castro, he amplified his interest in accumulating players behind. Almería, with players with arrival, tried to arrive with centers, but lacked understanding.

In the end, in the 84th minute, Darwin Núñez He had a good goal opportunity, on a good pass from Sergio Aguza, but the Uruguayan did not hit the ball with impact.

(+) See the summary of the match:

UD Almería: Fernando; Francis Guerrero (Iván Balliu, m. 58), David Costas, Juan Ibiza (Iván Barbero, m. 67), Iván Martos; Wilfrid Kaptoum (Sergio Aguza, m. 26), César de la Hoz; José Corpas (Ante Coric, m. 67), Juan Muñoz, Fran Villalba (Jonathan Silva, m. 58), and Darwin Núñez.

UD Las Palmas: Josep Martínez; Eric Curbelo, Álex Suárez, Mauricio Lemos, De la Bella (Mantovani, m. 66); Srnic (Josemi, m 72), Javi Castellano, Fede Varela (Aridai, m. 78), Benito Ramírez (Pedri, m. 78); Rubén Castro (Ruiz de Galarreta, m. 46) and Cristian.

Goal: 0-1, m.22: Rubén Castro.

Referee: Arcediano Monescillo, belonging to the Castilian-La Mancha school, assisted in the VAR by the Galician Pérez Pallas. He admonished Sergio Aguza (m. 47), José Corpas (m. 60) and Jonathan Silva (m. 71), Iván Barbero and César de la Hoz (m. 92), from UD Almería, and De la Bella (m . 34), from UD Las Palmas.

Incidents: Match corresponding to the thirty-third day of the SmartBank League played without an audience at the Mediterranean Games Stadium.