Springsteen brings Spielberg, the Obamas and… Pedro Sánchez together in Barcelona?

‘Boss’ kicks off his European tour this Friday in Barcelona, ​​where he will fill the Olympic Stadium in Montjuic. The 2023 tour is the return of Bruce Springsteen to the stages since it was lowered in 2017 and everything indicates that it could be the last opportunity to see the mythical rocker, 73 years old. In fact, the tickets (between 60 and 400 euros) sold out so quickly that they had to add one more date, Sunday 30. Among the more than 100,000 people who will come to see it this weekend in Barcelona there will be such illustrious figures as Barack y Michelle Obama o Steven Spielberg. Moncloa has not said a word but everything indicates that Pedro Sanchez will also come

The Prime Minister is a big fan of the veteran rocker and went to see him in 2016, when Springsteen offered a massive concert at the Santiago Bernabéu stadium. He then he did it with his wife, Begoña Gomezand boasted of the show with an image published on networks: “A lot of positive energy in the air!” He wrote.

The fact that the concert is this time in Barcelona will not cause any inconvenience for the president, who already traveled to Barcelona last December to attend the last concert of Joan Manuel Serrat. The appointment was included in its official agenda as a cultural event, so it was moved to the Falcon, the Air Force plane assigned to the president and whose cost rises to 5,600 euros per flight hour. We will see if this Friday he does the same, since the opposition has denounced on many occasions the “abusive use” of the plane by the man from Madrid, who has made it his usual means of transport, whether for institutional events, PSOE rallies or family meetings.

Those who will fly to Barcelona this Friday, although they will do so in a private jet that they will pay out of pocket, will be Barack and Michelle Obama. The friendship between Springsteen and the former president of the United States goes back a long way and in 2021 they launched the podcast ‘Rebels: Born in the USA’, in which they talked about politics, society, family, marriage or fatherhood for eight chapters. After the success, they turned their talks into a book.