Spectacular Irene Urdangarin in a bikini: hurry up her last summer before going to college

Irene Urdangarin is one step away from starting her hospitality studies at the École hôtelière de Lausanne, in Switzerland. The degree of management and direction of hotel companies in this prestigious center, founded in 1893, amounts to almost 85,000 euros, as she published Week. It consists of four courses. The youngest of the Infanta Cristina and Iñaki Urdangarin enjoys what will be her last school summer to begin her academic stage. Magazine Lectures It has Irene on its cover, spectacular in a bikini, on a day of sun and sand.

Hurry up the summer Irene Urdangarin, who has divided her vacations between family and friends. A few weeks ago, she walked through the center of Madrid with her cousin Victoria de her Federica. They both entered a well-known karaoke venue and the party ended in style: the instagrammer hooked up with an attractive blonde with whom she wasted passion in one of the most discreet areas of the pub. More getaways: friends plan to Portugal, through Lisbon and Porto.

On this occasion, we see a very smiling Irene coming out of the sea with her most natural image. She is wearing a black bikini with a strapless, strapless bra. As her only accessories, colored ethnic bracelets, much loved by the young women of the centennial generation.