Spain will play the EURO with a shirt inspired by the carnation and its seas


The Spanish men’s soccer team unveiled this Thursday the kit with which it will compete in the next European Championship in Germany, designed by ‘adidas’ and which will have a nod to traditional elements of the culture, flag and nature of Spain.

In this way, as indicated by the sports brand, the first shirt of the current Nations League champion, with red as the predominant color and yellow traces on the shoulders and on the back, “offers a classic look, with modern themes “, whose base is dotted “with wavy motifs that mix the shapes of the key, the country’s national flower, and the seas that surround the peninsula.”

The second game kit also applies the wave and flower image, but with an unconventional color combination on the base and side panels, resulting in an aesthetic that represents “a bustling Spanish beach in the middle of summer.” “.

On both the home and away jerseys, the carnation flower appears on the back neck, which “aims to unite fans and players through a symbol that encompasses distinction and love.” This symbol has its roots in the legacy of Emperor Charles I of Spain and V of Germany, who gave his wife Isabel of Portugal the first carnation in the history of Spain.

‘Adidas’ presented along with the Spain kit those of other teams such as Belgium, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Scotland and Wales, each of which are designed “to inspire a feeling of pride and belonging, combining traditional elements with a modern style to create something truly new for this new generation of gamers. Therefore, his design team wanted to “create something that offered an unexpected and fresh perspective on what has been done before, while remaining respectful and faithful to its football heritage.”

Each jersey includes ‘HEAT.RDY’ technology, optimized to keep players comfortable, or ‘AEROREADY’ technology, materials that absorb or wick away sweat and keep players dry. Lighter fabrics and additional mesh panels are also applied, helping to improve airflow and comfort, so players can focus on the game.