Spain seeks the ‘semis’ of the European water polo against a dangerous Greece

Spain seeks the 'semis' of the European against a dangerous Greece

BARCELONA, Jan. 20 (SportsFinding) –

The Spanish women's water polo team is measured on Tuesday to Greece (17.30 hours) in the quarterfinals of the Budapest European Championship (Hungary), in a first qualifying crossing against an opponent who, in the last edition of Barcelona, ​​left out from the final to the 'water warriors'.

Spain, which lost the last Group B match against the Netherlands (6-10), is now measured as second classified to a Greece that is not as strong as two years ago but will be a danger to those of Miki Oca, which They have already been victims of the Greeks in the past.

In the last European, held at the Bernat Picornell Pools in Barcelona in the summer of 2018, Spain ran into the combined helen in the semifinals and this took the win by a tight 11-9, to lose the final against the Netherlands.

However, in the last World Cup, the Spanish team already took a revenge with a demolishing 14-4 in the group stage before a rival that is being renewed, but which has struts such as Captain Christina Tsoukala, Eleftheria Plevritou or goalkeeper Chrysoula Diamantopoulou, who was immeasurable at the Picornell.

Despite the doubts offered at the start in his duel against the current European champions, this match comes at a good time for the Spanish. The good group stage, not at all demanding except the other match against Italy, allows you to give everything now.

In addition, Greece is not setting its best European and, in Group A, it could not have been more than third after losing against host Hungary (13-10) and against Russia (7-12), which was the fight for the second place, data that should not relax to those of Miki Oca, since it is a match to face and cross.

These two defeats have come in the last two days, so the Greeks come to the pulse against Spain depleted morally. Something that should be taken advantage of, is to be trusted, a national team that has more closet bottoms and that knows that, with offensive success, they should be superior to this Greece.



GREECE: C. Diamantopoulou (p), Stamatopoulou (p); Tsoukala, V. Diamantopoulou, Eleftheriadou, Plevritou, Avramidou, Myriokefalitaki, Benekou, Kotsia, Ninou, Plevritou and Xenaki.

SPAIN: Ester (p), M.E. Sánchez (p); C. Espar, Bach, González, Crespí, A.Espar, Tarragó, Ortiz, Forca, Leitón, García and Peña.

– PAVILION: Budapest Sand Dune.

– HOUR: 17.30 / Teledeporte.