Spain returns to suffer a cruel defeat by penalties in the final of the European



Marton Let's go to Spanish Miguel del Toro, in Budapest.

The penalties were cruel again with the Spanish water polo team. As it happened two years ago, what could have been his first European title escaped him again between his fingers. If against Serbia the hero was Dani Lpez Pinedo, who won this time that title was a Soma Vogel who jumped into the water on the fourth pitch to take over from Viktor Nagy. The young goalkeeper knew how to hold the guy to the maximum before lvaro Granados and I just saw how his launch, the last of the batch, crashed into his body to give Hungra a new continental gold.

In a very competitive game, very close, Spain had a couple of good options to prevent the championship from deciding in the end on penalties. Alberto Munarriz, just after placing 9-9 on the scoreboard, saw how his pitch was blocked by the rival defender and Blai Mallarach, on the other hand, after recovering himself the ball and after an accelerated loaded of pica, was a Nagy that, with his stops throughout the encounter, was one of the most outstanding of Hungra.

The locals were surprised by Spain in the first quarter. The team that trains David Martn came forward through lvaro Granados and left by 1-3 on the scoreboard with two goals from Alberto Munarriz after the momentary draw by Gergo Zalanki.

The locals, with a Duna Arena overturned, turned the situation around in a second quarter with an incontestable 3-0 partial. Daniel Angyal, Gergo Zalanki and Denes Varga scored the goals. Lpez Pinedo avoided major evils by adding more outstanding interventions to his credit, but Spain lost hit in attack and even malogr the best of their options: a penalty on Miguel de Toro. The launch, precisely by lvaro Granados, crashed into the crossbar.

In the second part, meanwhile, the story seemed doomed to repeat itself again and again. As soon as Spain was able to match things on the scoreboard, Hungra, quickly, come forward again. Marton Vamos and Kristian Manhercz will be responsible for countering the goals of Blai Mallarach and Marc Larumbe, the latter author of a petroleum jelly that surprised Nagy.

In the last quarter, however, fortune seemed to want to smile again at Spain with a goal at Zalanki's own door. Those of David Martn managed to break the positive ethnicity of the Magyars, they finally tied the tie and they even had two very good options to take the game that the local defense was responsible for disrupting. Everything, again, was going to be decided on penalties. And there Fortune, again, turned its back on the Spanish team.

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