Soto messes up by vindicating Julio Iglesias: “There should be streets with his name but they give them to Pilar Bardem or Almudena Grandes”

Jose Manuel Soto is giving people talk this Sunday on Twitter. For two reasons: for criticizing Eva Amaral after being left bare-chested at the Sonorama in Aranda de Duero as a protest, and secondly for praising the figure of Julio Iglesias in a somewhat controversial way.

The singer has written on his social networks: “Julio Iglesias is going to turn 80, he is the most international Spanish artist in history, his songs have sounded all over the planet. There should be auditoriums and streets with his name throughout Spain, but It will not happen, they prefer to give them to Pilar Bardem or Almudena Grandes…”.

The actress passed away in July 2021 at the age of 82 due to lung disease. The writer, for her part, died in November of the same year, at the age of 61 from cancer. The two received heartfelt tributes for their loss and the indelible mark they have left on Spanish culture. The Madrid-Puerta de Atocha station was renamed the Madrid-Puerta de Atocha Almudena Grandes Station after her death.

In the responses, José Manuel Soto has been reminded of some information: “In fact, Julio Iglesias has more than one street. In Puerto Banús, Montillana… In Benidorm, there is also an auditorium with his name.”

José Manuel Soto’s tweet has generated more than 2,000 likes in less than 24 hours and answers for all tastes.