Sonsoles Ónega's uncomfortable question to Cristina Pedroche: “You're super thin…”

Cristina Pedroche y Alberto Chicote The days are counting to present the Chimes at Puerta del Sol in Madrid. And, given the expectation for the costumes that the presenter will choose for her big date, Both have spoken about saying goodbye to the year 2023 this Thursday on Antena 3.

Pedroche has not revealed any clues about his suit, the concept of which was carried out by Josie. And because of that He also did not want to answer a question that Sonsoles Ónega asked him about the choice of design.

The conductor of space And Now Sonsoles He asked his partner if he had to watch his weight to dress on December 31. An issue that has been resolved with Pedroche's uncomfortable silence, who, never better said, has not given a word.

“You're super skinny, I have to tell you,” Ónega told the collaborator zappingwho responded: “I'm fine. Breastfeeding also makes you sleep less. It leaves you feeling more exhausted. It's all for the girl.”

“But isn't it because of the suit?” the presenter asked him. “No! This year, nothing happens. If I gain or lose weight, nothing happens,” has clarified. Some words that Ónega has been insistent about. “Why?” She asked him, to which Pedroche, emphatically and with a smile, answered: “Because nothing happens.”

The woman of Dabiz Muñozwhat On more than one occasion he has complained about the attention paid to his physique Since jumping into the public sphere, she has thus avoided delving into her weight changes, nor has she revealed clues about her New Year's Eve wardrobe.

This interview comes after Pedroche shared on his social networks this past Wednesday a video where she appeared running naked through the streets of Madrid.

“Ten years ago I would never have imagined this, and here we are once again. There's nothing left. This Sunday, December 31, I am waiting for you all from Puerta del Sol…”, Pedroche advanced.