Sonsoles Ónega takes Rosa Benito to prime time on Antena 3: she plugs her in by surprise in her new program

Surprise on Antena 3. Sonsoles Onega has presented on the night of this Thursday, September 7, the debate of the special Speaking in silver: second class citizens. As soon as it started, the presenter introduced rose benedictwith whom he already worked in it’s already noon (Telecinco).

Ónega has presented it without prior announcement from the channel or the program itself, so the presence of Rocío Jurado’s sister-in-law on Antena 3 has generated a great impact on social networks. This program does not deal with issues related to the heart, but rather social problems that affect the elderly.

Rosa Benito on Antena 3

Ónega has rescued another well-known face from Mediaset, as he already did with Paloma Garcia-Pelayo y Beatriz Cortazar. Unlike the two renowned journalists from the tabloids, Rosa Benito had not appeared on the Mediaset network for months. Even her name had been banned since February by the Code of Ethics of the new dome. Her relationship with the Fuencarral chain was twisted as a result of the controversies that arose with the documentary of her niece, Rocio Carrasco.

Hours before, Rosa herself published an image in stories from the Atresmedia facilities: “Making the way…”, she wrote.

Despite the general surprise, the truth is that certain messages from Rosa these months ago have attracted attention. “Mistakes always lead to some discovery… And whoever gets their attention doesn’t win, but whoever maintains their interest…”, Rosa wrote to Sonsoles in a network publication. She also celebrated the premiere of her program on Antena 3: “On open TV”, she sent him a heart.

The new Sonsoles program

speaking in silver is an initiative of Antena 3 and laSexta in favor of the elderly in society. This Thursday the second installment has been emitted, Speaking in silver: second class citizens, which has given a voice to millions of Spaniards who feel mistreated by the digital bureaucracy. The first delivery, Speaking in silver: the scandal of the residences, was issued in January with a 15.9% and 18.9% share. The program is divided into two blocks: the documentary, led by Alberto Chicote; and the debate on the set, presented by Sonsoles Ónega.