Sonsoles Ónega signs Esther Doña for 4,000 euros a month: “Le han salvado la economía”

As we anticipated this Thursday, Sonsoles Ónega has decided to add Esther Doña to the cast of fellow talkers on her programon whose set they already sit sea ​​flowers o Tamara BeanieAlong with several journalists. We already know why the widow of Carlos Falco decided to grant his first exclusive to this space and not to Anna Quintanawhich offered a good amount: Antena 3’s offer included a job for several months, which assures the widow Marchioness of Griñón a monthly income “around 4,000 euros”, according to the sources consulted.

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However, the continuity of the malagueña “will depend on how it works”, because “they have only guaranteed him several weeks”, they explain to us. As we already counted on Informalia, Esther Dona lived a similar experience in La 1, where he participated in the magazine The Hour of 1 beside Cristina Fernandez. In this way, Esther and Tamara Falcó are “chain companions”, although Carlos Falcó’s daughter and her stepmother do not maintain contact. They are also not likely to pass each other in the halls, since the daughter of Isabel Preysler go to the anthillwhich is broadcast from a set that is not at the headquarters of Antena 3 in San Sebastián de los Reyes.

The interview itself was rather disappointing if we take into account the expectation that it had aroused. “Why have you decided to speak?” She asked him. Onega sleeps to Esther Doña at the beginning, as if she didn’t know that the answer is as obvious and simple as this: for money. And more if she was going to give him a job. Later, the daughter of Fernando Ónega raised the following question to the ex of the Judge Pedraz: “How does he ask you to marry him?” The widow of the Marquis of Griñón replied that her relationship with the magistrate was “very passionate” and she explained that she does not remember some things well because he is “trying to forget.” She and she says it while she tells it.

The Malaga, not so salty, is one of those characters that populate the peculiar national pink media universe. She is a beautiful woman, who speaks correctly but something tells us that she does not tell the truth. In fact, to the million dollar question, the one that refers to what happened between her and the judge so that Pedraz cut off the relationship, via guasap, and decided not to see her anymore, Esther Doña does not answer, although she throws the stone and repeats that it will not reveal it “at the moment”. That imposture is incompatible with continuity on television. However, they tell us that Esther “will make an effort to do well” because “her economic situation is delicate”, they tell us, to add that with this cable that they have sent her “they have saved her economy”.