Sonsoles Ónega, on fire with Susanna Griso: “A boyfriend on the bench if the official fails”

Susanna Gray y Sonsoles Onega they have become ‘best friends’ since the second has signed for Antena 3, premiering this Monday And now Sonsoles with a large audience data compared to Save me. The chemistry between the two is special and they have demonstrated it again with a connection this Tuesday morning, in Public mirror.

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Fernando Ónega’s daughter has entered the morning program live to celebrate the hearings and both have had a fun conversation: “I already told you via WhatsApp when the system left me… Tell us Sonsoles…” Gray said.

Ónega, moved, has replied: “We are super happy. Now work and work. There are many open issues”. Plethoric, Sonsoles herself added: “I have a question for you, do you know what the cushioning? Have a partner on the bench in case the official one fails you…”.

Laughing, Griso replied: “But that’s polyamory.” His partner in the afternoons has finished the job: “No, because you don’t make one compatible with the other… You have it but it’s in case the officer fails…”.

Susanna has replied: “You have him running down the band… It’s hot that you go out…”. Given the confusion, Sonsoles has clarified that they were talking about Esther Doña, who has granted a great exclusive to the presenter. In the next few days and after this Monday’s preview, the full interview will be broadcast on the new evening program: “We are going to develop it… Esther Dona is going to be on set, breaks his silence and talks about the break with Judge Pedraz. Today, second preview…”.

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Leaving aside the loves and heartbreaks of others, Susanna Griso and Sonsoles Ónega are not doing badly in matters of the heart. The first, after her divorce from Carlos Torres at the end of 2020, she is looking forward to a very special friend, Inigo Afan de Ribera, businessman, separated and father of five children. The second maintains a stable relationship with the architect Cesar Vidal since 2020. Divorced from Charles Brown in summer 2019.