Sonsoles Ónega, in love again, talks about jealousy: “If they want to be with me fine and if not, door”

Sonsoles Onegainterviewed by Informalia After being recognized with the 2023 Planeta Prize, she also woke up this Friday with a devastating criticism of her work that has generated a great impact on social networks. The presenter, in charge of her program, has not spoken about this issue but has talked about current events and the pink chronicle, as she does every day from her Antena 3 space.

Among the topics that have been addressed this Friday, the outfits of some famous men and women who have blended in with their partners when it comes to dressing. After this interesting point, jealousy has emerged as a topic of conversation.

The Galician communicator has reiterated that she is not jealous. Most of her colleagues and set companions have also remembered that her jealousy is not good at all. After the interest of the collaborators in the personal life of her presenter, Sonsoles has made it clear: “If they want to be with me, fine and if not, door.”

In love with an attractive financial man

Sonsoles Ónega, like adelantó Informalia, is in love again. Is about Juan, an attractive 52-year-old financier with whom he traveled to Brazil this summer. With him she recovered the illusion in love after breaking up with the architect César Vidal at the end of 2022. She was the first man who came into her life after her separation from Carlos Pardothe father of her children Avoid y Gonzalo. She was married to him for eleven years but they broke up at the end of 2019.