Sonsoles Ónega addresses the man who destroyed his novel: “Violent criticism that exorcises his demons”

I have been very happy,” he admits. Sonsoles Onega. He has reasons. His wonderful children, his leading program and a Planeta award that, in addition to a million euros, feeds the ego and vanity that every writer suffers with the same intensity that he denies. But to make matters worse, Sonsoles Ónega has found love, as we mentioned in Informaliathis digital that is also ignored, presumably because we do not deserve the attention of a journalist and writer of this level.

Her boyfriend accompanies her, supports her work pace and we are told that he even cooks high-quality delicacies for his beloved and for the lucky ones who are lucky enough to try the exquisite cuisine of this 52-year-old financier who enjoys cooking like him. most vocational of chefs.

Paraphrasing Cristina Peri

RossiSonsoles says in a column that he signs in The world that one fears paying the bill for happiness. “This 2023 I published my latest novel, The Maid’s Daughters, recognized with the Planeta Prize,” he recalls, not as part of the colossal promotion of the award, but as a pretext to illustrate the description of this “plethoric end of the party after years of work,” reads his article.

“As it does not always rain to everyone’s liking, I have also read some violent criticism that exorcises its demons against the work for interests that are not my responsibility to identify,” he defends himself.

The author enters the rag against Jordi Gracia, the Literature professor who signed a devastating criticism against the winner of the most gifted prize in the Spanish language. “In writing books I have not felt judged for being a woman. Nor in my work at Antena 3. On the contrary. In the signatures of my novels there are many women and I am grateful that they are my literary universe. They are of all ages and conditions,” he explains.

“You write so that others read. It is a simple mechanic, but not easy because the readers are the true critics. So we will continue working to keep up with them,” he says.