Something happens with Messi

Messi said last season that Barça couldn't win the Champions League with the game he played with Setién. Now, after six days of the League for the Blaugrana team, it could be said that with this Messi, Barça does not have enough to play LaLiga.. The Blaugrana team tied at Medizorroza, which means that they have only added two points from the last twelve in play. The Barça adds four days without winning. Messi, five days without scoring and without giving a goal pass, a fact that had not occurred since the 2006-07 season, as reported by Pedro Martín on his Twitter account.

Messi played a brilliant match in Turin on Wednesday against Juventus, where he scored his second goal of the competition in two games from a penalty in discount. Against Ferencvaros he also scored a penalty, but was also at a high level. TThree days after playing a good game against the Italians, Messi had nothing to do with Alavés. He tried everything, because the Argentine's commitment is indisputable in each game, but either he would arrive half a second late or Pacheco would shine.

And when the goalkeeper was not there, a defender, Lejeune, appeared to take a ball over the goal line that was already sneaking into the goal. Little by little, Messi was frustrated and at times he was clearly out of a game that a couple of seasons ago he would have won with only one leg in half an hour. As a result of his state of mind, he furiously kicked a ball with the game stopped that earned him a yellow card when Hernández Hernández considered this action as a lack of consideration. It could have been worse. If he hit the referee (the ball passed between his legs) he could have been sent off.

With 33 years Messi has played all the minutes of the League and Champions and those of his National Team. He has played ten full games without resting a minute and that is certainly beginning to show. Koeman, so determined with many aspects of changing room management, still does not dare to give Messi a rest. What's more, he made it clear before going to Getafe that Messi, as happened before with other coaches, is the one who decides when he plays. “He gets more tired if he doesn't play”, said the Dutchman before lining him up in Getafe after Leo arrived from playing with his team against Ecuador in Buenos Aires and against Bolivia at the height of La Paz.

On Wednesday Barça play Dynamo Kiev at the Camp Nou. After having won in the first two days of the top continental competition and taking into account the calendar, it could be a picturesque occasion to give Messi a rest, who has been with the reserve light on for days and it is only November.