Sofía Vergara's impressive house is better than Griselda's mansions

Sofia Vergara has remodeled his luxurious Beverly Park house, in Los Angeles. The actress, who returns to the small screen with the series Griselda (Netflix), has shared on his Instagram profile which are his favorite rooms in his mansion, valued at 26 million dollars.

As she herself stated in a video on the YouTube channel AD Spain, the dining room is one of his favorite corners. “This is one of the most impressive places in the house, where happiness resides. What do I put for you?“said the Colombian star. Likewise, in the post from her Instagram profile, the protagonist of Modern Family It boasts a marble kitchen, spacious and very bright.

Another of its star areas is the living room.. The actress poses dazzlingly in a red jumpsuit in one of the main rooms of her mansion. In the snapshot, which already has more than a million followers, Vergara shows its stone fireplace, as well as the sculpture on the right side of the room. The tones of the room are light and minimalist decoration predominates with objects that provide a certain warmth to the home..

Like a big star, Sofia has a dream dressing room. Her immense shoe collection takes up more than half of her walk-in closet. The second position is for your bags and accessories, which also fill a large part of the closet. “This is where I really live. I try to keep it as organized as it is now, but sometimes it's hard. You know how we girls are,” she revealed.

Abroad, the Colombian boasts some gardens cared for to the millimeter. Vergara also has an oval pool, which can be seen from various parts of the palace. To complement all these luxuries, the interpreter of Griselda Blanco in the Netflix series has a small jacuzzi.