Sofia Vergara is looking for a boyfriend in Spain after divorcing Joe Manganiello: “Now I want a bullfighter”

The Colombian star has landed in Spain to promote his new series on Netflix, Griseldaand presented it this Monday in The Anthill. Beautiful and very funny, Sofia Vergara has fallen in love with Pablo Motos and conquered social networks by talking about a little bit of everything, from his childhood and the murder of his brother to his newly single status: “I just divorced an actor, now I don't know what I'm looking for… A bullfighter, maybe.”

After divorcing Joe Manganiellothe protagonist of Modern Family He doesn't want to know anything about co-workers: “I want a fifty-year-old like me, he has to have children, good-looking but not a divine, fat thing, equal or more than me,” he confessed to the ants: “Introduce me to someone “she said amused.

The actress, who at 51 years old looks splendid, has given some tricks to take care of herself without losing her sense of humor: “I have never smoked, I drink alcohol every other day, I have applied my creams since I was young, I like to try new vitamins…” Sofía assures that she has always maintained a very healthy life and that she was the director of Griseldahis new series on Netflix, who has taught him some bad habits: “He taught me how to smoke in the living room of my house, I didn't know how to do it. He also taught me how to put a line of coke up my nose because I had never done it either… or for that matter either. At first they made me nauseous but I put up with it because they paid me a fortune,” he said with a laugh. Regarding his cachet, he commented: “I don't need to negotiate, they only pay for what is here.” And he added: “Just kidding, I've worked a lot. I started selling photos for calendars and now I'm going to sell cocaine.”

The drama of drug trafficking

The most serious moment of the interview was when Vergara recalled how she experienced drug trafficking firsthand in her native Colombia: “My brother unfortunately was part of that business, my brother was killed in '96 in Colombia”. And he continued: “I had to bring my entire family to Miami. It was a very difficult time in Colombia, and that was why Griselda caught my attention so much, because we all knew the drug trafficker, the drug trafficking business, how it works, we have “We've seen movies, we've seen television series, but we've never seen it through the eyes of a woman.”

In this new Netflix series, Vergara plays Griselda Blanco, known as The Godmother of Cocaine or The Black Widow (she was linked to the deaths of two of her three husbands). “It caught my attention that a woman could become so bad, and she could do so many things and compete in such a difficult world. Because I lived through drug trafficking, I know what drug trafficking is.”