Sofía Cristo, against the Treasury for the Prosecutor’s condemnation of her mother: “She commits some robberies that make you crazy”

The pulse that Barbara Rey and her children had been with the treasury since 2006, which ended a few days ago with the sentence that the Prosecutor’s Office imposed against the former star, who pleaded guilty to the crime of confiscation of assets. The one from Totana accepted a fine of 1,800 euros and a sentence of one year and eight months in prison. “If I don’t agree, someone might go to jail,” she said in reference to Ángel and Sofía Cristo. Now, the latter has once again come to her defense.

“I was aware of what I was trying to do to help my mother. When we pay all the Treasury debts, they try to apply a law to my mother retroactively,” the DJ said in Public mirror after being pointed out by Gema López. “I have undergone that inspection and I have not decided to do an asset survey and put anything in my daughter’s name,” stated the journalist.

In this sense, the communicator has asked Christ to “not sell what is not”: “They’ve done it to all of us. You cannot make fourteen movements that demonstrate the lifting of assets. You sell it like poor things… It’s just poorly made.” Some words to which Christ has responded forcefully.

“Well yes. because the Treasury carries out some robberies that are amazing… I tell you and I assure you, I regret it and we have paid what was asked of us, but if it were necessary to do anything else like this for my family I would do it, to protect our assets and advised by an accountant,” he explained.

“If a manager advises me if the Treasury is going to catch you, put this in the name of your children so that you can evade this assets… Sofía, that during the time the investigation was taking place there was a seizure of assets. Has your mother done this…? Don’t sell me that your mother did it to protect her children. Your mother has done it because if you do not reach this agreement, it is your mother who goes to prison,” López responded. Cristo has insisted that they have declared themselves “guilty” and that, once this matter was settled, there was nothing more to comment on.

These words come after Ángel Cristo Jr’s sister pulled out her nails for her mother on March 8. She also did it in Susanna Griso’s space, but by telephone, remembering that His mother had taken care of the debts to protect the brothers.

“In the end, what my mother has tried to do is protect us all and plead guilty. I speak for everyone. Indeed,” said Nagore Robles’ ex. And she added: “It’s not nice to have a record, but hey, my mother is not a criminal and I don’t think she’s going to commit any type of crime that’s going to put her in jail.” “I am more concerned about other types of crimes that are not convicted and that are overlooked by Justice, such as mistreatment,” he said.

Bárbara Rey herself also spoke with the program that same day. “If I hadn’t made an agreement, I don’t think they would [sus hijos] Something would have happened to them, but it is possible that someone could go to jail as long as it wasn’t me.” And he insisted: “If I don’t agree, someone might go to jail.” Gema López, surprised, asked him: ” Are you saying that your son would have gone to jail for you?” The actress answered bluntly: “I don’t want to talk about him, but he is accusing me of the worst in every sense, not just in this sense.”