Soccer player Alisha Lehmann denounces the sexual proposal of a well-known man: “100,000 Swiss francs for one night”

Alisha Lehmann (24), an Aston Villa footballer, has confessed that a “well-known internationally” man offered him a large amount of money in exchange for sex.

The English league star revealed in an interview for the podcast Dir Tea Talk that an “internationally famous” man He offered her $100,000 in exchange for sex in a hotel in Miami: “I received a message on my cell phone, to which I did not respond, but the same person sent a message to my bodyguard. The messages came from a fairly well-known person and I knew him because you had already met us before in an event”.

The Aston Villa footballer has detailed the full content of the message she received: “The message said: ‘I will pay Alisha 100,000 Swiss francs to spend a night with her’. Lehmann responded forcefully and ironically: “Only 100,000? No way.”

The Swiss calls this individual “stupid” and makes it clear that her bodyguard continued receiving messages, despite her refusal: “The strongest thing is that I still have his messages on the phone”, Add. Now, the soccer player has not revealed the identity of the aforementioned: “I cannot reveal his name, but he is someone very well known internationally.

Regarding her personal life, Lehmann had a romance with the Brazilian soccer player Douglas Luizwho competes in the men’s category of his team, or with Ramona Bachmann, his teammate.