Small shareholders will support Castro

The Asociation ‘United Shareholders’, that brings together the small shareholders of the Sevilla has announced that it will support Jose castro and its partners in the next Shareholders’ Meeting to be held this Tuesday 26 and in which the former president Jose Maria del Nido together with the investment group ‘777 Partners‘, which has recently taken control of the Genoa Italian, seeks to force the exit of the current board of directors in full.

The base shareholders, who have syndicated 5.3% of the share capital, have reached an agreement by which they ask for a series of commitments, as explained by the president of this group, Jose Parra, which issued an official statement.

“Our assembly has unanimously requested the unity of the majority shareholders to isolate 777 Partners (Sevillistas Unidos 2020, Los Americanos) and generate the stability that the club needs. We must end this instability as soon as possible. We highlight the special situation of this General Meeting given the cancer of 777 Partners that generates the division and confrontation of the families of Seville. Accionistas Unidos will vote against the removal of the current board of directors due to the danger that foreign capital to Sevilla will repeat what it has already done in other clubs by making capital increases, promoting the control of the club and its ruin, as in other occasions has happened. Soon we will provide information on the agreement closed this afternoon between United Shareholders with the entity Sevillistas de Nervión SA, the family Carrion Amate and Jose Maria del Nido Carrasco, with a view to giving stability to the club and at the same time carrying out numerous demands that have been traditional in the grassroots Sevillismo that we group together, ”the note says.

The agreement establishes the promise by the Sevilla to develop the project of a new stadium in the medium or long term in response to the request of ‘United Shareholders’ to install a complete roof in the current stadium. Secondly, the promise of trying to buy the package of shares of the Americans, approximately 7%, so that it falls into the hands of Sevilla. For this, the group that commands the club must seek the necessary financing, counting on Sevillian businessmen willing to take the step.

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