Sito Alonso: “I saw that we won, this team competes”

MÁLAGA, Feb. 15 (from the special envoy of EUROPA PRESS, Rodrigo Trascasa) –

The coach of UCAM Murcia, Sito Alonso, regretted a point of conviction that he lacked at the beginning and another one of success at the end to have “complicated” even more the ticket to the semifinals for Real Madrid (84-79), in a Cup debut of the King in Malaga where they became convinced that they were going to ring the bell.

“I can't lie, we came to win and we beat them. Once you don't win, the first part is being sad. We were completely sure that we were going to win. Without doing many things that we would have loved to do, I am proud of the work, because the easiest thing is to lower your arms when you are down 15 points,” he said at a press conference after losing at the Martín Carpena.

The Madrid coach confessed that his team took a while to loosen up and be true to themselves, but they did so in a second half with no margin for error and despite not having a brilliant day. “I have blind faith in the things we do and our players. We have competed all year. The profile of the team we are makes a team that is undoubtedly the best in Europe very uncomfortable, but there was a moment when I saw that we were going to win, with three down and a triple from Todorovic that if he managed to score it would have complicated a lot,” he stated.

“The team I have is this one, they compete to the maximum without having advantages in success or anything. There have been things that we can improve and yet with two minutes left we had the ball to tie the game. At first I saw a lack of conviction. When we We went after them, we ran, we dunked, we shot with ease, at first we doubted whether to attack Madrid or not,” he explained.

Alonso referred to different details of the match, such as the problem he had in the rotation due to “fouls”, but he was proud of the growth of a red tide that wants to remain among the best also in the playoffs. “The objective is for UCAM to remain in the fight against this group of giants,” he stated.

In addition, the UCAM coach sent his condolences and hugs to the club's owners, with the death this Thursday of the mother of María Dolores García Mascarell, president of CB Murcia. “I hug the family and the president. It's a shame that you couldn't enjoy being here, the deepest condolences. We also thank the fans, it has been exciting, it is the most important point of our growth,” he said at the beginning of his intervention.