Since he didn’t get the Falcons job, Bill Belichick might end up on TV.

Since he didn’t get the Falcons job, Bill Belichick might end up on TV.

Raheem Morris was chosen by the Falcons over the current Patriots head coach. On Sunday, NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport said that the six-time Pro Bowl-winning head coach may get a job on TV.

Rapoport told NFL Network, “He can sit out this year and maybe become the most sought-after coach next year.” “… It’s also possible that they could work as an advisor for a team.

It wouldn’t surprise me if he helped us now. Not here, but in the world of TV. It was previously awarded an Emmy. I think he might try for another one.

For his work on NFL Network’s 100 All-Time Teams show, Belichick won a Sports Emmy in 2021. Seattle and Washington are the only two top coaching jobs that are still open, and Rapoport stated that Belichick is not interested in either job.

The Atlanta Falcons were the only team that made sense. The team has cap space and good players. They only need one quarterback to make this team good enough for the playoffs, maybe even the Super Bowl.

It was thought that either Falcons boss Arthur Blank would give Belichick enough power, or the famous coach would give up enough power, to make it work. Belichick thought it was a good enough chance to interview.

The Atlanta Falcons had a new head coach, and it’s not Bill Belichick. Now everyone wants to know what the future Hall of Famer will do next.

“It would require a change of direction for this to happen with the commanders or Seahawks, based on league sources,” Howe said Thursday.

Since he and his team, the New England Patriots, broke up at the end of the 2023 season, Belichick has only met with the Falcons. However, Atlanta is reportedly going to hire Rap Morris as their next head coach.

The only NFL teams that don’t have a head coach yet are the Commanders of Washington and the Seattle Seahawks. Jeff Howe of The Athletic says that Belichick is an extended shot for both jobs.

Belichick will be 72 years old in April, so it’s not likely that he will skip a whole season and try to come again in 2025. He is only 15 wins shy of Don Shula’s record for most wins, so could he call it quits?

He probably won’t take the job of coordinator. If Bill wants to stay in the game, maybe there will be a job for a senior advisor somewhere.

He should wait for another chance to come up in 2025. Teams seeking a new head coach won’t be very interested in getting Belichick for a couple of seasons, though, because he will be 73 years old.

As a coach, Belichick didn’t like his press conferences, but he did win an Emmy Award for his work on NFL Network’s “NFL100 All-Time Team” series.

He knows more about football than almost everyone else alive and loves to talk about it. He’s shown that he’s very entertaining in the right setting. Or, since almost everyone has a podcast, he or Nick Saban could start one together.

Bill Belichick, the legendary NFL head coach, is likely to take an absence from the game in 2024 after failing to get the job with the Atlanta Falcons. He could return in 2025, though.

This year, Belichick ended his long-term relationship with the New England Patriots. This ended one of his most successful periods in sports history. During their 24-year run, they won six Super Bowls together.

When he as well as the team confirmed that he was leaving, it was thought that he would coach at another club, as he said in his farewell press conference.

There were rumors that the famous coach could move to the Atlanta Falcons, the Los Angeles Chargers, or the Dallas Cowboys, but these plans slowly fell through.

Jim Harbaugh from Michigan was hired by the Chargers, but Mike McCarthy from the Cowboys was kept on for another season.

The Falcons, who seemed to have been his only chance to get a job in 2024, talked to him twice before choosing Raheem Morris.