Simeone: “We hope to follow the line of the Rome party”

“Real Madrid has had important casualties and has resolved them in the best way”


The coach of Atlético de Madrid, Diego Pablo Simeone, has assured that Real Madrid, whom they face this Sunday in the Cívitas Metropolitano derby, “have had significant losses and have resolved them in the best way”, in addition to hoping that the team can “follow the line of the game in Rome”, where they tied with Lazio.

“It is an important LaLiga match in which we have to do it in the best way, as in all the matches ahead of us. The ‘Champions’ are left behind after having played a good match in Rome. We hope to continue the line of the match of Rome, which was a good game, in my opinion,” he declared at a press conference.

In this sense, he stated that they are preparing for the derby “with the same enthusiasm as every LaLiga match.” “We are going to face an opponent who is very good, very strong, confident in what they do. They have had important losses and have resolved them in the best way. It will be a tough and difficult match, like all of us who play against Madrid “he indicated.

“These ten or eleven years that we have been at the club, Real Madrid and Barcelona have always had great teams because they are great clubs and can afford great footballers. They have always competed very well. What we have to do is continue improving, continue growing and thinking about us and look for the paths that led us to be able to compete with them these eleven years,” he continued.

On the other hand, he revealed that Koke Resurrección will be in the call. “He comes from a fairly prudent recovery period, physically he is already fine, he has returned to training. He is available and we will see if he starts or if he waits to enter the second half,” she assured.

In another order of things, he analyzed the issue of injuries in the current football scene. “All teams have injuries, the other day I heard Guardiola tell what they are suffering. The best teams in the world suffer injuries, and he explained it very well: with the number of games there are, we coaches are going to have to go through this type of situations. We always need them to recover in the best way. The teams that manage to recover better in less time will get more out of it. Injuries are going to appear. When you have continuity with 12-13 players, it is better for the team; when “You have to change continuously, it’s more complex. It’s going to happen,” he ventured.

“I share everything that Guardiola explained when Courtois and Militao were injured and when De Bruyne was injured. It is very clear: many games, many trips, three selection cuts from the beginning of the season to December, preseason with little work schedule… “We have to be prepared and adapt to what we have to do. We must try to do it in the best way,” he continued.

Finally, he did not want to comment on the appointment of the Castilian-La Mancha referee Alberola Rojas for this Sunday’s match. “Refereeing must be left alone. I think he is a great referee; it is his first derby, he will be very excited to do well, like the footballers, and we must worry about playing a good game,” he concluded.