Simeone: “We couldn't defend in the best way what Getafe caused at the end”


The coach of Atlético de Madrid, Diego Pablo Simeone, made it clear that it made no “sense to talk about something that has no solution” in relation to the referee Munuera Montero sending off Stefan Savic in the duel against Getafe and not sanctioning the same way a stomp by Jaime Mata, and regretted that they could not “defend in the best way” the final victory of their rival, while he praised the figure of Antoine Griezmann for matching Luis Aragonés and wished to “take care of him and have him a little more time “.

“It makes no sense to talk about something that has no solution because the game has already ended, but you (journalists) will reflect what you think is appropriate to give your opinion regarding these types of details,” Simeone limited himself to commenting.

The Colchonero coach explained that at half-time Rodrigo de Paul went to Munuera Montero to explain “why he didn't go to review the yellow card for the trampling he had received in the same way as for Savic's second yellow card.” “The referee had told him that he was going to explain it to him later and well at that moment he didn't explain it to him and I asked him and we put ourselves in the middle so that the situation calmed down and that the referee was calm and could continue directing the game as he directed it,” he concluded.

The Argentine regretted that after “coming from three games” during the week they were left with one less “at the start of the game”, something that forced them to organize themselves “giving a 'little' more strength with Marcos (Llorente) as an intern and From Paul with Riquelme on the right and with Lino on the left.”

“So we were able to find the goal immediately, although I think that with 11 against 11 the team was handling it well. It is true that Getafe pressed very well in our field, but we were clear that if we managed to get out of that first pressure we were going to find ourselves with important plays as happened in the 1-0. Then came the tie, we went back to 2-1 with a great goal, 3-1 and this end of the match came where Getafe made a great effort, forced things to happen, shot a lot of centers with a lot of very tall people occupying the area and we couldn't defend in the best way what they caused,” he added.

The red and white coach remarked that they are left with “that feeling” that they could have “lost”, that they could have “won it eleven against eleven” and that “by winning 3-1” they could have “held out the time a little better.” “It is true that we are conceding more goals than we should and that in that aspect we need to improve,” he admitted, pointing out that “after so much effort it will not be easy to recover” for Saturday's duel against Sevilla. “We will have to propose situations again, recover well, clear their heads,” he said.

Finally, he had words of praise for Antoine Griezmann, who with his double equaled Luis Aragonés as the top scorer in the club's history. “He is one of the best footballers in the history of Atlético de Madrid and has reached incredible numbers. He deserves it, he is an extraordinary footballer and an ideal person for a team like Atlético de Madrid. We need footballers with this profile and I hope we can take care of him and have him with us for a while longer,” he confessed.