Simeone: “Suárez will be called up, we'll see if he starts or not”

Diego Pablo Simeone appeared at a press conference before the match against Salzburg. The Athletic were defeated in the first match against Bayern (4-0) and he only thinks about beating the Austrian team. The coach will not be able to count on Carrasco, Saúl, Diego Costa and Vrsaljko.

How is Luis Suárez?

It will go on the summoned list. We understood with the doctor that it was better today to do a job outside the group and as a result of what we see tomorrow the game will start or it will start from the bench.

Your rivals have said that they are going to close, do you expect more from your sides?

I think Trippier and Lodi are doing a good job. We have had enough assists, some of which have not been completed, but with a search for what each one of them has, precision, finding the spaces … the other day Lodi gave the goal pass to Suárez. I see a rival team with very good records, especially watching the last Champions League where they competed very well against Liverpool and Naples. In his league he has smaller rivals, but thinking about the last Champions League they are fast, with clear ideas, very good associative game output, important game identity and with enormous speed with his forwards. They work very well from their defensive position to take advantage of the spaces that the rivals could leave and we will try to take the game where we can hurt them.

Are you worried about the accumulation of parties?

I think that all the coaches think more or less the same. So many games without good preparation and with trips with the national teams, the need to finish faster and then play the Eurocup will create difficulties for everyone. They are the circumstances that we have, they are not excuses and we will try to carry them forward.

Is João Félix missing a round match?

De João is always the same. Since the beginning of the season he has played very good games, the other day in Munich he played the whole game, when he entered against Betis he gave a better speed and clarity from midfield forward. I am happy with his work, we need him to continue improving, because he is very young and has to improve, but in the line that he has been working on. Except for that match against Celta with his entry where he did not do so well, because if it ended great, I think he is fine, like his teammates.

How can you achieve consistency in your game?

It is football, there is a rival, a difficulty, a search for them to do less damage. In almost all the matches we have had dangerous situations, we have generated possibilities, even in the 4-0 against Bayern we have both from Suárez, the disallowed goal, another two from Carrasco … in the other games we have had situations to score, in Some with success and others not, but I think the team is doing well, I trust the footballers and I see in the illusion of their game and the desire to improve.

Are you considering strengthening yourself in a position before November 4?

That is already handled by Andrea (Berta) with Miguel Ángel (Gil). We have spoken with them several times and, in consideration of what is useful for the team, they will look or not find someone to join.

What has surprised you the most about Suarez?

The truth is that not surprised. I found the footballer I spoke to on the phone when we contacted to see if there was a chance to get to play with us. He wants to be here and he's showing it. That is the greatest virtue that a player with Luis's hierarchy can demonstrate. Hopefully we can help him to continue with his level and he helps us with the best he has, which is the goal.

Do you think there are no options for Spanish football in the Champions League?

That would be very disrespectful for Spanish football. It has been shown in the Champions League and in the Europa League that it is a very strong country in football in recent years. Opinions must be listened to, everyone in football, politics and religion can have an opinion and that is why debates are opened, because nobody is right.

The key may be in the pressure.

It will be important to sustain the attack well. They have very fast people, they have always played 4-4-2 with two forwards as we usually do and that the recovery makes the team flow quickly will be important to find the spaces that we will go looking for. We will try to hurt and play a game that will undoubtedly require a great effort.