Simeone: “Joao? Nobody is an absolute star at 20 years old, be patient with him ”

Diego Pablo Simeonecoach Atlético de Madrid, analyzed the game that his team will play this Tuesday in Balaídos before him Celta Vigo.


“We think collectively, not individually. We do not stop in situations that we cannot resolve, we focus on training and preparing for a difficult match against an opponent who plays very well like Celta. ”


“We did a good job in the quarantine, we talked a lot with them by zoom so that when we came back we would find quickly what we wanted, with a good physical job at home, and a good rotation of the players. We have played a game every three or four days, we had to adapt to what was there and to the circumstances. The implication is decisive, and there has been an absolute application in what the team needed. We have rotated and have given the option to the majority to contribute. Nothing has been decided yet, we have to continue. We are facing an opponent who needs to settle on the table, with a coach who is clear about his ideas and who plays very well


“We have rotated, he played against Osasuna, entered a game at home and in I raised. Yes, it is true that, the more games it is, the more difficult it is to rotate, the centrals, the media there are not so many sprints, but the stability of the game is being gained, we are not in the first three days, but in the last four, where rotations are going to be better. Stability is going to be reached like in the League ”.


“I have the best memories of what I had to live from the first day in the Athletic and the Calderón it was our home. It will remain in the mind in the memories. The memories are spectacular. The goal against Albacete that allowed us to win The league that will always remain in my memory for the joy of my teammates, the stadium in rojiblanco … Beyond the fact that the stadium is not there, those memories will always be for me ”.


“I'm not going to repeat things that we said at the time and it doesn't make sense now. What do I think of Var? Exposes everything. Before, we did not even have the option to account for things that are seen. Then the referees are people who can be wrong too. Is more fair. If they charge you more penalties it is because you are longer in the opposite area. If at Real Madrid they charge more is that it is more time there ”.

“In the speed of soccer it is difficult to read what happens, but now another referee sees it with calmness on television. People too, from their homes. Then there are some people who decide. We are going to be harmed or benefited, but now we are all clearer if it is 'off-side', if a play is a penalty … You see, we are all more exposed. ”


“To think about what rivals do would be to underestimate the rest. I do not underestimate what Real Madrid and Barça do. If they are there it is on their own merits even if no numbers are recorded as in t


“They are important footballers, especially Morata. It has a significant number and may end better. And Joao is his first year, he comes from playing six or seven months in Portugal. I'm not surprised at what's happening to him. We hope more that it will come with maturation, in life, because he is a young boy ”.


“It is one of the teams that has missed the most penalties. We have to go back a lot of years ago. We will try to continue improving something that is important and that is becoming more difficult, the goalkeepers are better and the preparation is getting bigger ”.


“He left the game with a blow, against Alavés, he had trained with pain but he held the training with enthusiasm. He made an interesting first time, with occasions, which he has whenever he participates. And there are other situations that have to improve. We focus on Joao Fëlix, but there are a lot of other cases, like I gave it, who is young, out there has extraordinary games but in others he does not hold that balance. It is normal because they are young. We are going to give them peace of mind, Joao has talent, he has quality … He has to be patient, not disengage. That anger that he has for what he wants to show, for his qualities, sometimes costs him. That will give him maturation, balance, making himself available to learn, because very few at 20 are absolute stars. What talent do you have? Obviously, we all see that. He is humble, educated, respectful, hardworking … so time. ”


“There are players who are very important, like Saúl. He interprets everything, he has a key position, he reads well what happens in the game. The numbers speak and his physical condition allows him to sustain this enormous number of games ”.