Simeone: “Bayern's definition marked the match”

Simeone attended Movistar + to analyze Atlético's tough defeat against Bayern. The coach tried to extract the positive part despite the 4-0.

Is the result deserved?

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It is a forceful team, which took advantage of their scoring situations. The forcefulness is paid. He is a great rival, we played a good game, but many things must continue to be done and others that obviously must be corrected.

What has been missing?

We were not forceful when we had situations and that is where the game went.

We are looking forward to the next game …

As usual.

The calendar is very tight …

They are the circumstances that touch but the teams are used to it, it is neither good nor bad, it is reality and we have to adapt.

He was seen with João. Was intensity lacking?

You say it, as your observation. He stayed the whole game, so it's because I saw him well.

At a press conference:

How did the first goal affect you?

I do not stay with a play and in the first goal. The rival team was forceful, they took advantage of their chances with good goals and aggressiveness. They come with many offensive players to the area and we did not bring good things in the game and beyond a heavy defeat, their definition marked the game.

They made serious mistakes.

I don't know if we made big mistakes or they were their virtues. They arrive with many in the area, from the loss of the ball they unfold very well and I am left with the attitude of the team, I liked it, we looked for the goal and it could arrive if we had been more lucid in the finish. We had that goal that would surely be offside and the forcefulness of the rival has marked the competition.

Is it the day of greatest impotence as a coach?

I am left with the bad taste of defeat, but I am left with many positive things and as I am optimistic I am left with the things that will make us good for the future.

How far is Bayern?

Sevilla played an extraordinary game and I can't win. We did not have competitions, we did not mark the chances we had and they had a lot of force, they are a great team and there are defeats like Dortmund that were not so good, and this is painful and I have to see the good game of Herrera, Savic, Llorente …

Is LaLiga overrated?

I leave that to you, who can debate and the results that appear will mark. Sevilla have won the Europa League, Madrid got us used to winning three Champions in a row and these are moments where teams are changing.

Is Herrera prepared to have more minutes?

Herrera will give us alternatives for the moments we need they can give us continuity. He played a great game and it is one of the things we get along with.