Silvia Bronchalo explodes after the latest information: “I am not trying to interfere or hinder the defense of my son Daniel”

The Spanish chef’s mother was the first to rush to his side last August, when visits were finally authorized to the Koh Samui prison where Daniel Sancho entered after admitting that he had killed and dismembered Edwin Arrieta. Silvia Bronchalo He spoke to the media on the 18th of that month and then decided to maintain a stony silence that has given rise to all kinds of speculation. Until today. This Friday, the ex of Rodolfo Sancho has issued a forceful statement in which it gives its deepest condolences to the family of the Colombian surgeon.

Through his lawyers, Bronchalo expresses his discomfort at the information that has been published about Daniel and his legal defense: “His concern is focused solely and exclusively on his son and seeking his well-being (…) In no way has he attempted to hinder or interfere with said defense”. Let us remember that Silvia works independently of her ex, Rodolfo Sancho, who hired the services of lawyer Marcos García-Montes and the Balfagón-Chippirrás law firm and whose approaches do not satisfy Bronchalo. Daniel’s mother believes that the defense strategy they propose is very risky for her son and she fears that they could sentence him to the maximum penalty.

Silvia Bronchalo’s lawyers recall that she has never spoken to the media (except that August 18 at the gates of the penitentiary center where her son is located) and accuses them of distorting reality: “There is a clear omission to verify the accuracy of the information and this is affecting her rights and her honor (…) We urge the media not to broadcast or disseminate information about Silvia Bronchalo in regards to her current relationship with Rodolfo Sancho and the defense of Daniel “Sancho.”

“He tried to rape me”

The Prosecutor’s Office has already filed charges against Daniel, who is accused of three crimes: premeditated murder, concealment of a corpse and destruction of private documentation. He only admits the second. He assures that Edwin Arrieta’s death was accidental, the result of a struggle when he defended himself from an attempted rape.

If he manages to prove his version, Daniel would face a sentence of 8 to 10 years in prison, but if it is finally proven that the murder was premeditated, the prosecution has requested a capital sentence for him.