Silva points to Espanyol –

The ‘I will survive’ thundered into the public address system while the headlines of Espanyol and Leganés warmed up in a bleak RCDE Stadium. Although what they heated is a saying, between the high temperatures, the humidity and the flames of hell that are already burning under the bowels of the two worst teams in LaLiga. Under one who has done everything possible to resist despite the goal being plundered, and another who has accumulated more merits to burn than an arsonist. They will survive, which is not little. Another thing is to live.

Because, not content with two catastrophic seasons, the frightful show that parakeets and cucumbers gave at the outset was to burst into tears. Aguirre's dense 5-4-1 contributed, with Guerrero on top due to Oscar's injury. But also the inability of those of Rufete, who presented Javi López, Pedrosa and Wu Lei as the main novelties. Far from fighting to hang the other with the red lantern, both teams seemed determined to be the worst in LaLiga. As if I had a prize.

The only dizzying, and notable, in the entire first half was the lipothymia of Raúl de Tomás, which left him stunned, although after a few minutes he was able to continue. Of course, being with his tendinitis in tow a shadow of what was. Like the whole Espanyol, who a few months ago was walking around Europe. The same as in 2007 when, when he had to play behind closed doors in Livorno, President Sánchez Llibre affirmed that due to the environment, it had resembled “a Preferred match.” This Espanyol-Leganés would not dream of it.

And that encouraged him in the restart Jonathan Silva, who stood alone against Diego López to overcome it between the legs. At 0-1 the unprecedented RdT responded with a free kick that Cuéllar rejected. Yes, Espanyol could celebrate for a tenth of a second the goal of the tie, scored by the Madrid player, but clearly located offside. In the final stretch he enjoyed another clear, which he sent out. The Blue and Whites were already playing with ten for the expulsion of Calleri, who thus put a heading to his terrible campaign.

The 'I will survive' did not sound again at the end at the RCDE Stadium, propped up and finished off the virtual descent of an unfortunate Espanyol who can make it official at the Camp Nou. The melody will not sound on the Leganés coach either, although some will whistle timidly, staying seven points when there are 12 at stake. It would go down in history if it were saved. At least he must have fought it. Others have long since given up, to the point that they will sign their worst season ever.


Roger Assalé (57 ', Guerrero), Jonathan Calleri (63 ', Wu Lei), Matias Vargas (63 ', Adrià Pedrosa), Javier Avilés (65 ', Rosales), Oscar Melendo (70 ', Embarba), Chidozie Awaziem (80 ', Aitor Ruibal), Sturdy (81 ', Amadou), Campuzano (89 ', Javi López)


0-1, 52 ': Jonathan Silva


Referee: Guillermo Cuadra Fernández
VAR Referee: Alejandro José Hernández Hernández
Tomás (50 ', Yellow) Roger Assalé (66 ', Yellow) Siovas (83 ', Yellow) Darder (84 ', Yellow) Jonathan Calleri (87 ', Yellow) Jonathan Calleri (87 ', Red) Javier Avilés (90 ', Yellow