Shower of criticism against Luis Miguel in Argentina for giving a 50-minute concert because of the rain: “It was water, not acid”

Disappointment and frustration. Fans of Luis Miguel from Argentina were left with a very bitter taste in their mouths after the brief concert that the Mexican artist offered in Córdoba on March 14. 50 minutes on stage and end. The heavy rains that fell that night forced the recital to conclude ahead of schedule.

The networks are burning in Argentina. The singer’s words of apology came later, via a statement published on his networks that some media outlets such as Clarín have collected:

“In order to protect the safety of fans, musicians and staff from an electrical risk, The concert had to end earlier than scheduled given the danger posed by the amount of water recorded all day and during the concert to the lighting and sound teams.

The explanations did not quell the anger of the followers. Neither are apologies: “Thank you for your support and understanding”which did not even remotely manage to calm the indignation. “Shame on the show”, “disaster”, “it was water, not acid”… And more comments: “You scammed us in Córdoba.” “What this man did in Córdoba was disastrous. He sang at half speed (…) he didn’t even say hello, he was there for 50 minutes, 20,000 people sold out the stadium since last year, people who traveled, paid for hotels, with how difficult it was. It is in Argentina today to pay for all that, and for one drizzle he went away”.

Some fans, according to Clarionthey paid one hundred thousand Argentine pesos (about 107 euros) for the entrance and travel and accommodation expenses.