Shock therapy: Valencia grows despite defeat

“To learn, sometimes get disappointed like this defeat to Betis helps “. Those were the words of Javi Gracia after his team was imperatively beaten by Betis at Mestalla (0-2) in the last game before the break. The Navarrese admitted that his team had been inferior, not without making it clear that In a team of today's youth, those hard defeats sometimes help to grow.

On Sunday Valencia put his scoreboard back to zero giving clear signs of lack of quality in some areas and with avoidable mistakes that sapped team morale, however, The duel in La Cerámica had little to do with the one he saw in Mestalla two weeks before. There is nothing to celebrate, the black and white have a lot to improve and are aware that heThe season is going to be complicated and Europe is a complex and very distant chimeraHowever, within this difficult situation, the duel before the northern neighbors exposed certain insights that give rise to hope.

Valencia Shield / Flag

The data

With the data in hand, Valencia improved their performance compared to those of most matches. The Che They had up to 8 auctions –Between blocked and out-, in which it was his second best record of the course, only behind the duel against Levante. On a defensive level, although they were 13 the times the yellows finished –Second best mark of the season-, the feeling of danger was not excessive and unlike in other appointments, Jaume was not forced to make miraculous stops. On the other hand, those from Gracia had more corners (10 to 3) and sent more balls to the area (9 to 18).


“After his first goal we have become diluted.” Words he related Javi grace also after the defeat against Betis, alluding up to date in minute 19. On Sunday it was in the sixth minute when those of Mestalla were below on the scoreboard in a more than poor start of the game, but of which they recovered, something they did not achieve two weeks before in Mestalla. The team was involved in the game at all times, in fact, won more split duels than his rival (38 to 30) and ended the match focused on the rival goal. A striking detail was that footballers protested constantly some decisions of Del Cerro Grande, especially through Soler, Gabriel, Gayà or Maxi, something that has never excessively characterized the current wardrobe of the Che squad.

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Carlos Soler

It was not a placid afternoon for the Valencian midfield, who was overcome in possession and baggage by the trio formed by Dani Parejo, Vicente Iborra and Manu Trigueros. However, Carlos Soler would be wrong if he considered Sunday a bad game in individual terms. In what was his rebuttal in the midfielder position 68 days later, the young Valencian footballer he just missed a pass of the 42 who tried, it was the footballer who more chances of danger generated (4), the player did not defend that more balls recovered (4) and the second black and white that more balls touched throughout the game (58). In addition, he gave his first assistance of the course and was able to give the second, giving the lead to Álex Blanco, but the other squad player did not finish well.

It is true that he had in front of him who was his mentor and his friend such as Dani Parejo, but Soler showed that in a position as complex as that of the midfield he can grow. Especially after the break, after which modified its positioning and went from being slightly more heeled to the right, Gracia proposes to take the ball played from the wings, hence it was so heeled, to gain more baggage in midfield, something that progressively allowed him to gain presence.

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