Sheep and pandemic

He said
that it seemed “a bitch” to receive Madrid in San Mamés without the heat of its public, which would have taken him on the wing. To be honest, I don't even make the effort to change the chip, to adapt my mind to a packed football that lacks time to regain strength and assimilate qualifying realities. It could be more than paradoxical to verify that, while the professionals claim to miss their fans, those fans have other priorities, leaving aside the occurrences of a League and the incidents of their soccer team. As with anesthesia.

On the other hand, soccer and sport in the pandemic are also not helping to raise awareness among the most dangerous people that rules and restrictions continue to exist. The examples of Naples and Liverpool, the images on the streets of Leicester where now they will have to confine themselves, the reality of Lisbon that continues to host the Champions League while its citizens go back in time, the painful images of Vitoria after the Baskonia title …

It seems that professional sport is moving in the opposite and counterproductive direction, that carrying the dangerous message that we thus recover part of normalcy, that returning is winning, only contributes to confuse all those scarce minds of gray matters that they translate the message into a simple and devastating 'now anything goes'. Shoots and new confinements are the best answer to pure business. Football no.