“She deserves better”

Rumors of estrangement between Vanessa Romero y Santi Burgoa began several weeks ago, when they stopped following each other on social media and deleted their images together on their respective profiles. However, it was this weekend when the actress of The one that is coming has confirmed what had become an open secret: their breakup after two years of discreet relationship: “Yes, the rumors are true, but I’m fine. You have to live in the moment, enjoy and that’s it,” he acknowledged, clarifying that they decided to go their separate ways “a long time ago” and “everything is perfect.” Alba Carrillo, the presenter’s ex, has reacted to the news.

The model dated the journalist for almost two years and, when they broke up, he tried to get their love story back on track. However, he met Vanesa in the summer of 2022 and things changed. Alba told it hurt and very angry at the timewhen he said he was a ‘victim’ of the journalist’s two-handed game.

Hence, she was not at all sad that the actress and her ex are no longer together: “Girl, they lasted a long time, they lasted, I don’t know how long they lasted, but too long”. “And Vanesa, well, of course, Vanesa is a hottie, pretty, nice… She has always seemed like a spectacular aunt to me, so she deserves better,” he said, making it clear that he still hasn’t forgiven Burgoa, of the who doesn’t want to know anything at all.

Besides, The television collaborator has also ‘remembered’ another of the men who have passed through her life, her ex-husband Feliciano Lópezand she did not hesitate to attack the former tennis player by recounting how, when she was Fonsi Nieto’s partner, Miguel Abellán tried to flirt with her.

“Back in the day, millions of years ago, he threw things at me, because you already know that they fool around with a stone. What happens surprises me a lot because if he liked me… He can’t like Feliciano. The opinion of him praising Feliciano, I’m going to put him in quarantine for a bit. I mean, let’s see, it was like two heterobasics going to the bulls. I stay dead. Well no, Abellán, don’t try it. More than anything because he is going to leave you unsatisfied. Follow your career”, he concluded.