Shakira, terrified: the man who harassed her is arrested at the door of her house in Miami

Tranquility in the life of the Colombian is conspicuous by its absence. After romance rumors between Shakira and the producer Rafael Arcauteand the media commotion over his approach with Gerard Piquéthe singer faced another problem this Tuesday: the arrest of an alleged harasser who had sent her alarming messages through social networks and who had been waiting for her at her home in Miami since December.

Identified as DJ V and a native of Texas, the stalker would have visited the artist's personal home on numerous occasions, stating that he was married to her and that they had started a family together. Some statements that were used by the singer and her lawyer to take legal measures, after the useless attempts at communication by the artist's legal team and the ignoring of the harasser.

This individual also tried to win the heart of the Colombian woman with gifts such as bottles of wine, chocolates and toys for her children, Milan and Sasha. Given the singer's refusal, he showed up at the door of her house on January 8, at which time he was detained by the Miami Beach police. Shakira has filed a complaint and now the individual faces several charges.