Shakira pays a million euros to the babysitter of the video clip for a handful of lies

Is called Melgar to me, is Milan and Sasha’s nanny and the Colombian artist has made her the protagonist of the day. The reason? She dedicates her last song to him, The bosswhere he denounces that Pique He refused to pay her compensation after firing her. The lady has received one million euros for her appearance in the video clip and a percentage of her profits as a token of gratitude.

The popular version, which supports Shakira’s new song and its viral video clip, suggests that Lili was the one who warned the artist of Piqué’s infidelity with Clara Chía. When he discovered it, he fired her without paying her the compensation she was entitled to: “Lili Melgar, this song is for you, they didn’t pay you compensation,” says Shakira in ‘El Jefe’. After becoming unemployed, Lili was hired by Shakira to continue taking care of the children in Miami, as her own daughters have revealed on social networks.

However, the Catalan’s entourage has denied the story through Lorena Vázquez: “This person lived at home. When they separate, Lili is given the opportunity to go to Miami and continue being the babysitter, and she is the one who “She decides to leave. When she proposes that she be paid compensation, what Piqué’s legal team tells her is that since she is going to continue working in Miami legally, she is not entitled to compensation and that is why they do not compensate her.” She adds: “It was not Lili who warned Shakira that Piqué was seeing another woman, it was other workers and the Colombian’s own relatives. In no case was she this girl.”