Shakira launches her new album, ‘Las mujeres ya no Lloran’: the last blow to Piqué is here

Shakira closes a cycle in the same way she began it: defending that “women no longer cry.” This is what he said in his collaboration with Bizarrap, Session 53the first song he dedicated to his ex, Gerard Piquéand this is confirmed in his new album, a cathartic project made up of 17 songs that talk about his heartbreak in love based on discopop, regional Mexican music and pop-rock.

Throughout the 51 minutes and 10 seconds that occupies the album, the one from Barranquilla analyzes her breakup with the father of her children, Sasha and Milan, and reflects on heartbreak, deception and disappointment. Also about the new loves that appear after the sentimental collapse.

The album contains two remixes and brings together the first seven advances that the singer has released over the last two years. The most recent is Last, of which he said he was ending his messages to Piqué. It also has Aimthe song of which this March 22 He has also published a video clip with actor Lucien Laviscountknown for acting in the Netflix series Emily in Paris.

Two bittersweet and decisive years

The album comes at a good time for the singer, who has gone through a turbulent time personally and brilliantly professionally. Release songs has allowed him to handle the breakup in the best possible way (and his ex’s cheating with Clara Chía), the pulse with the Treasury and the fragile health of his father.

For a long time she was away from music, but getting back into it has been very satisfying for her. “There were many sacrifices for love. For a long time, I put everything aside to be by Gerard’s side so that he could play football”he explained in an interview with The Times. And, in some way, this journey can be deduced just by looking at the album cover: in it, the artist poses with diamond tears running down her cheeks.

An album and a tour to lick the wounds

Something that characterizes Shakira’s songs is that they are full of forceful phrases. “Some people on my team wanted me to change the lyrics. They were very scared by the reaction. I am not a representative of the UN. I am an artist and no one is going to tell me how I have to heal. “No one should tell any woman how she has to heal and lick her wounds.”he said, in fact, after releasing his song with Bizarrap, with whom he has released a new collaboration that adds to those he has with Rauw Alejandro, Karol G and Cardy B.

So, The album contains statements such as “If I had known it was going to be the last time / I would have enjoyed you more, but I didn’t take advantage of you”“I don’t forget you no matter how apparent it is”, “I don’t want the moon, or go to Mars, no / I just want to make you come for me” or “It was easier to mix water and oil / You say it made you feel like never before.” “Nothing was enough for me / And for me everything was little, insufficient.”

The singer will present her album on a tour that will have five dates in Madrid, as announced at the beginning of this year. It will be in June 2025 when the artist gathers her audience at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium. “I think my new tour will be the tour of my life. I’m very excited,” she said.